Sumba Island

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Where did we go?

Sumba Island, one of 17,508 that make up Indonesia.

Where did we stay?

Oh, only at the hotel that was voted No. 1 in the world by Travel and Leisure in 2016: the marvelously elegant Nihiwatu. And thanks to owner Christopher Burch, who bought the property after visiting it with his three sons, a portion of the resort’s profits are sent to the Sumba Foundation, which fosters community-based projects to provide the Sumbanese people with improved healthcare, nourishment and education.


What did we do?

We enjoyed horseback riding and a visit to the fascinating traditional village of Tarung. You can spend some time in paradise at nearby Nihi Oka, where a spa day kicks off with a 90-minute hike to breakfast served in a tree platform. And then there’s the surfing. Sumba is home to Occy’s Left (also known as God’s Left), one of the most sought-after waves in the world. It breaks right in front of Nihiwatu—and only guests can grab one of the 10 coveted slots given to surfers each day. We were lucky enough to snag a few spots and Hailey wowed us on the waves.

What did we bring home?

Hand-carved Sumba warrior swords, plus beautiful locallywoven blankets and throws dyed using the ikat technique.