SI Swimsuit Rookie Kim Riekenberg’s Go-To Meals

Check out the model’s delicious diet.
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Kim Riekenberg lives life on the go. Bouncing between the U.S. and Germany (where she is originally from) from one photo shoot to the next (pre COVID-19), she still manages to stay on top of her health and prioritize quality food. We asked her to share some of her typical and favorite meals:

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My everyday go-to breakfast:

  • Avocado toast with cayenne pepper
  • Oatmeal with blueberries or banana
  • Soy yogurt bowl with fruits
    • Toppings: chia seeds, flax seeds, bee pollen
  • My “cheat” breakfasts when I’m craving something sweet are Nutella or jam on toast, or a chocolate cereal
  • I have a fresh pressed juice every day

My typical lunch:

I love cooking and creating new meals.

  • Avocado toast if I haven’t had it for breakfast!
  • Every day I crave a big Matcha Chai Latte
  • Quick pasta with tomato sauce
  • Every kind of smoothie

When I’m in New York I always have cauliflower gnocchi.

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My favorite meals for dinner:

I always prefer a hot meal instead of a cold one. One hot meal a day is a must.

  • Pasta with cherry tomatoes and green asparagus in a white wine lemon sauce
  • Homemade hummus with pita and Moroccan couscous salad with a side of oven-baked veggies
  • Oven-baked veggies with homemade date dip with a mixed salad on the side. I’d probably add some guacamole and some baguette on top