In The Kitchen With SI Swimsuit: Tanaye's Spicy Marg

Start your weekend off right courtesy of the Swim Search finalist.
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We needed some weekend cocktail inspiration and our wishes were granted courtesy of Tanaye. She provided us with the recipe to her go-to adult beverage & it’s safe to say we will be making one (or two) of these once it hits 5 o’clock. So grab a bottle of tequila and a glass and treat yourself to a nice refreshing drink.

“When it comes to cocktails, I love margaritas. I consider myself to be a margarita snob. If I can’t taste the tequila or if the drink tastes like syrup, there’s a problem. My favorite margarita is a Spicy Marg. I have a few favorite spots in the area near where I live that I’ll go to when I’ve had a stressful day and just need a drink. But I can also whip one up at home. Here’s my Quick & Easy Spicy Marg recipe:”


● Patrón Silver tequila

● Jose Cuervo classic margarita mix

● 1 whole jalapeno

● 1 whole lime

● Salt

● Cayenne pepper

● Crushed ice


● Cut a few jalapeno slices and two thin slices of lime and place them in your glass

● Pour one shot worth (or more) of Patron into the glass

● Muddle the lime and jalapeno with a spoon until the concoction is a little murky

● Add a dash of cayenne pepper (for the full spicy effect)

● Drop in your crushed ice, pour your marg mix just right below the rim and stir

● Optional: Wet the glass rim with a mix of salt and cayenne pepper

● BOOM! Spicy Marg complete.