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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Colder Weather

Tips and products to try as we head into fall.

October is great for many reasons -- fashion, football and pumpkin beer, to name a few -- but it’s not so favorable for skin. An early start to fall means that many of us are faced with watching our glowing tans fade along with our ability to get away with little to no-makeup. How wonderful. But with a few changes to your skincare and makeup regime, you can combat this. It’s time to break out the humidifier and hit Sephora. Here‘s what we will be doing to keep dry skin at bay:


Ditch the water-based formulas and opt for something richer and creamier.

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Avoid cleansers that leave your skin feeling stripped (typically these are foaming cleansers) and choose a gentle formula.


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Shower advice

  1. Skip the scorching hot shower. I know, I know, but this is a major culprit of dry skin.
  2. Don’t stop exfoliating, just make sure to follow up your shower with a great body oil.
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Add these products to your makeup bag

You can use these to prep the skin for foundation and refresh your glow throughout the day.

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Try a humidifier

Happy Prime Day, add this to your cart. Your skin and respiratory system will thank you.