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8 Things Not to Worry About on Your Fitness Journey

Repeat ’em back for continued motivation.

Kristen Louelle is a breath of fresh air. The Zeno Gym chief branding officer and 2021 Swim Search finalist recently posted about her approach to fitness on her Instagram account. She shared her philosophy that what matters is how you feel—go ahead, dance on the treadmill like she does in her video post—and offered a list of reminders for her followers. Let’s count them down. Here are Louelle’s eight things not to worry about on your fitness journey.

1. How Much You Weigh

Louelle captioned, “You are not perfect… because perfect does not exist!!!! 👏”

2. How Much Someone Else Weighs

Let go of comparison.

3. The Size of Your Clothes

“We are constantly changing, & how beautiful & blessed are we to have these bodies that change with us through different stages of life like the butterflies we are 🦋” says Louelle.

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4. The Size of Someone Else’s Clothes

“We get caught up in social media, comparing ourselves to strangers or to the women we used to be, but none of that matters.”

5. The Calories You Burned

“All that matters is that YOU put the work in FOR YOU.”

6. Whether or Not Your Thighs Jiggle

“Let’s stop talking down to ourselves & knit picking every ‘flaw.’ Instead let’s speak to ourselves with love & in return we will FEEL the self love we deserve ❤️”

7. If You Have Cellulite

Ashley Graham isn’t afraid of this and neither is Louelle!

8. If You Cheat and Indulge

You can never spoil a good thing! (You.)

Louelle’s followers reacted joyously to her empowering post. SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott weighed in with her approval with a simple “🥲🙏🏼”. Well said. You can see the whole post and video below!