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A Taste of Wyoming: Wagyu and Whiskey

Need some recipe ideas? Get some inspiration from the places SI Swimsuit has traveled.

Since many of us are working from our couches, sitting in our PJs and snacking on whatever pantry staples we have left, some creative culinary inspiration may be needed. We here at SI Swimsuit are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world, taste local cuisines, sample delicious cocktails and spirits made famous by the regions we have visited and open our palettes to all the amazing flavors the world has to offer. I love nothing more than traveling to a locale and learning all about the regional cuisines and how to make them when back home in my tiny NYC kitchen. Let’s take a look back at some of the places SI Swimsuit has traveled to and revisit the delicacies and drinks we have sampled along the way with some recipes to help you create them.

First stop on this culinary tour: Wyoming. The food we had at Brush Creek Ranch during our September 2019 shoot definitely highlighted what was local, fresh and plentiful -- think dairy, Wagyu beef and whiskey. So if you’re looking for some inspiration for dinner this week or a happy hour cocktail, why not make an Old Fashioned and some simple cast-iron American Wagyu beef (or any cut of steak that fits your budget). It’ll transport your taste buds to the wild, wild West.

Old Fashioned - Whiskey is made in the distillery on Brush Creek’s premises. If you visit the ranch you can take part in a “Whiskeys of the World” tasting like Marquita Pring did. While you may not be able to head to Wyoming right now, pick up a bottle of whiskey at your local store (shop small!) and whip yourself up a beverage. If you haven’t downloaded the New York Times cooking app you're missing out -- I push it on everyone I know. You will find some of the most incredible recipes (including cocktails) in its vast database. While I do not like whiskey, my boyfriend does and while learning how to craft an old fashioned, this became his go-to recipe. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Wagyu Beef - Simple is the way to go when it comes to Wagyu. Some salt, pepper and a cast-iron skillet are all you need to let it shine as shown in this recipe. Danielle Herrington was lucky enough to partake in an American Wagyu beef tasting in Wyoming, from the cattle on the farm at Brush Creek. One tip I have learned when cooking steak, always bring it to room temperature before searing. You’ll end up with the most delicious meal of your life. Bon appetit!

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