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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Share Their Favorite Bikini Brands and Styles

Ashely Iaconetti, Serene Russell and Serena Pitt dish about what they look for in a swimsuit to wear all day on set.

Consider them experts in their field. Given that they hang out on the beach all day for 10 weeks in bathing suits while the cameras are rolling, the stars of Bachelor in Paradise definitely have some key swimwear insights to share. 

We spoke to Serena Pitt, Serene Russell and Ashley Iaconetti, all of whom found love on their respective seasons of the show, about all things bikinis.

Serena Pitt, 25, got married to Joe Amabile, just last month after living together in New York for a year. The lovebirds met last summer on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise and “Grocery Store Joe” got down on one knee on the last episode.

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Serene Russell, 27, got engaged this summer, but broke the news to the world on last night’s Season 8 finale episode. During the live “tell all” segment, she and her fiancé, Brandon Jones, revealed that they decided to turn down the opportunity to get married on the beach immediately after the proposal because they wanted their family to attend the ceremony. 

Ashley Iaconetti, 34, and her husband, Jared Haibon, met years ago on Seasons 2 and 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. And while they had a tumultuous start to their love story, they have been going strong since getting engaged in June 2018 (on the beach) and married in August 2019. They welcomed their son, Dawson, in January 2022.

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What do you look for in a bikini you’ll be wearing all day in Paradise and be filmed in?

Pitt: “COMFORT! I definitely wanted to look cute on the beach but knowing that I’d have to be in those bathing suits all day, rain or shine, pool or beach, I definitely wanted to make a fashionable yet practical choice! I usually focused on what fit me well and had comfortable material. I also always paired my bikini with either shorts or a wrap to avoid any black (censored) boxes on TV!”

Russell: “I think the most important thing is structure. We have to wear mic packs, so the suit has to support it comfortably. I also really love fun colors and prints—anything that has stretchy and comfy fabric.”

Iaconetti: “I like string, usually, because that way the fabric doesn’t dig at any curves and we’re not getting any indents; keeping the body looking the way the body really is. I also like coverage on the butt and I do like a cup bikini just so I can get a little bit of oomph in that territory.”

Favorite brands and why?

Pitt: “My favorite bikini brands change every year. I feel like there are always new brands coming out and grabbing my attention every summer. A few of my favorites though are TRIANGL and Vitamin A. I just got a full piece this summer from Revolve by Beach Riot that I love.”

Russell: “I wore a lot of JMP, and Beach Bunny on the beach but I will wear literally any swimsuit if it’s cute and durable. I have a collection of 80-plus bikinis from several brands!”

Iaconetti: “I have been a big fan of Beach Bunny for a while, especially in paradise because the colors are really bright. They’re tropical, and they’re totally different than any others that you see like at the mall. I also really liked a Becca Swim back when I was on Paradise, those were just really well lined and had great cups.”

Favorite bikini styles and why? 

Pitt: “My two favorites are probably a triangle top and a bandeau. I love the adjustable nature of a triangle top to fit your body type and I always need a great bandeau option to avoid those tan lines! I also love more of a sports bra cut for when I’m doing any water sports so I can avoid a wardrobe malfunction.”

Russell: “I love the typical triangle bikini with stringy tie bottoms! I think it’s the most flattering for me because it’s the most adjustable to my body type. I’ll opt for a balconette shape if I’m needing more coverage and support for an activity or something!”

Iaconetti: “I would say definitely sticking with string and then in an ideal world, it would be cups with padding—I’m not about showing the nipple. I like a little cushion there.”

Have your choices changed since being on Bachelor in Paradise?

Pitt: “Not really! I would say after wearing bikinis everyday, I became more interested in finding different ways to accessorize them with body chains, mesh pants, cool sandals, etc.”

Russell: “I definitely prioritize having a lighter material that doesn’t feel as thick when you’re sitting—my favorite bikini in paradise was a green metallic set and it felt like nothing was there! That’s important when you’re wearing it all day!”

Iaconetti: “Maybe since becoming a mom. My style hasn’t really changed much but maybe more high waisted. It’s not my go-to bikini, but it’s nice. It’s got that Ally from The Notebook vibe—I find it to be a more romantic suit. And you know, those are always nice because you can eat a little bit more in them. And my skin on my belly isn’t as tight as it used to be. So it’s nice to kind of just feel secured and sucked in like it’s a corset.”