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Swim Search Beauty Talks: Brielle Anyea

Find out how this SI Swim Search finalist rocks her look.

Welcome to our Beauty Talks Series! The final six models of the 2020 SI Swim Search class are here to share some of their best beauty tips, hacks and product must-haves. Check out our chat with Brielle Anyea:

SI: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

BA: Beauty is your own description. You define it and do whatever makes you feel beautiful.

SI: How would you describe your beauty aesthetic?

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BA: A mix of natural glam and bold glam. I’m a glam girl at heart. I love fluffy lashes, dresses, and bronzer!

SI: Beauty products that you use every day?

BA: Fenty Beauty Sun Stalker Bronzer and Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I don’t use foundation anymore. Concealer looks more natural and more like skin.

SI: Beauty products that are always in your purse?

BA: All-natural tinted lip balm, nail glue because I’m a press-on queen, and glow oil for shine and moisturizing.

SI: What does your skincare routine look like?

BA: I stopped using harsh cleansers as it was terrible for my overly sensitive skin. I now use a foaming Black Soap wash, witch hazel and charcoal or turmeric mask. That’s it.

SI: Products you swear by?

BA: Bomb’d Aesthetics skin care line is the truth! I use their yoni rose bars for intimate areas, oatmeal scrub soap for body, turmeric masks and foaming face wash. Basically I use EVERYTHING they offer. They sell out fast so buy what you can.

SI: Favorite face masks?

BA: The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask. It cleanses the skin and leaves it bright and glowy.

SI: Favorite way to wear your hair?

BA: I’m forever in love with a low, slicked back braid touching my navel. Hair is parted in the middle or the side. It makes me feel so chic.

SI: Hair products you can’t live without?

BA: Dollar Curl Club’s entire hair care system, Infinity hair drops, Aunt Jackie’s Avocado-Grapeseed oil blend, Mielle’s Rosemary-Mint hair growth drops, and Palmers Marrow Root Leave in conditioner. I'm so glad I stumbled upon them on IG. My hair has been thriving since using these products the past few months. My hair grows about 1-1.5 inches a month now.

SI: Best DIY hair mask you’ve tried?

BA: Olive oil and grapeseed oil as a hot oil treatment. Put it in your hair, add a cap, sit under a dryer (low setting) for 20 minutes and rinse out. Voila! Soft and shiny hair!