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Swim Search Beauty Talks: Christie Valdiserri

Find out how this SI Swim Search finalist rocks her look.

Welcome to our Beauty Talks Series! The final six models of the 2020 SI Swim Search class are here to share some of their best beauty tips, hacks and product must-haves. Check out our chat with Christie Valdiserri:

SI: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

CV: Drink lots of water and get a good night of sleep!

SI: How would you describe your beauty aesthetic?

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CV: Obviously my favorite word... BOLD!!!!

SI: Beauty products that you use every day?

CV: Anatasia eyebrow powder, Ardel black wispy false lashes, Tarte foundation and lip balm.

SI: Beauty products that are always in your purse?

CV: Deodorant, Aquatics Mac perfume, lipstick and lip balm.

SI: What does your skincare routine look like?

CV: I wash my face every morning and every night with Origins Zero Oil Face Wash and then I massage coconut oil into my face and castor oil on my eyelashes every night.

SI: Products you swear by?

CV: Not a product but I swear by starting the day with drinking celery juice. I also swear by Anastasia eyebrow powder. It works wonders!

SI: Favorite face masks?

CV: My favorite face masks are homemade vegan ones. I love chia seeds soaked in apple cider vinegar overnight. I also love avocado with turmeric, lemon juice and lemon zest -- it makes your skin glow. Lastly, baking soda, turmeric, organic honey and lemon is another easy and light mask that I love.

SI: You are the queen of amazing headwraps. What are some of your favorite ways to wear them and do you have any tips for bald women who want to experiment with different looks?

CV: For starters, I use the Kibiy Electric Razor. It is the best razor for all my bald ladies out there. Then I love to use Alba Botanica self tanner on my head so that it matches my face.