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Swim Search Beauty Talks: Kathy Jacobs

Find out how this SI Swim Search finalist rocks her look

Welcome to our Beauty Talks Series! The final six models of the 2020 SI Swim Search class are here to share some of their best beauty tips, hacks and product must-haves. Check out our chat with Kathy Jacobs:

SI: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

KJ: Wear sunscreen! And don’t smoke -- it wrinkles your skin!

SI: How would you describe your beauty aesthetic?

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KJ: My everyday beauty aesthetic is more natural looking, but I like to go for more glam looks when I do Instagram photos or videos. Although, if I’m being honest, I hardly even go to the grocery store without some makeup on!

SI: Beauty products that you use every day?

KJ: I use my own skincare. My haircare and vitamins are from Better Not Younger.

Sometimes I forget to take the vitamins. I also like Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Oil or lotion.

SI: Beauty products that are always in your purse?

KJ: Tart concealer and loose powder for under the eyes. Charlotte Tilbury eye palette, blush and lipgloss in pillow talk. I think It’s a universally flattering color. My face mist to refresh my makeup.

SI: What does your skincare routine look like?

KJ: I do this twice a day morning/evening in this order: I wash with my Pumpkin enzyme face wash. Then I put everything on from lightest to heaviest in this order: my Multi mist face mist, my Limelight brightening and anti-aging serum, my Time warp face lotion , my Holy grail face oil, my PLUMping oil on my lips and marionette lines.

SI: Products you swear by?

KJ: I swear by every product I just listed above in my skincare routine. For the past seven years I have made ALL of my own skincare. I spent five years in my kitchen studying skincare formulating and making a skincare line for women 40-plus by testing out everything on myself and then my friends. It’s vegan/cruelty free, age specific, and packed full of multiple natural actives. It’s not at home DIY skincare from ingredients found at the grocery store or health food store made by casually adding a teaspoon of this or that! It’s the Real Deal with years of thought put into each formula. Each product works on the face/eyes/neck and has LOTS of actives.

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