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Missing the Gym? We Found The Best At-Home Workouts

Staying fit while staying inside is tough, so we found the best streaming options for at-home workouts!

Want to know how SI Swimsuit models like Josephine Skriver and Kate Bock stay fit at home? Don't worry, you won't need to ditch your coffee table for a Peloton. The secret is: streaming workouts!

If you've ever wondered about pilates or have been itching to try a dance class, but never took the leap, you’ll love this movement. They’re exciting, friendly for all-levels, and you can do them on your own time. What makes them even more appealing? They are typically a fraction of the cost you'd pay for a studio workout and require little to no equipment. Trust me, you might never want to go back.

These steaming services require a monthly subscription, but most offer free trials so, take advantage of that! Not to mention, tons of gyms and studios like Rumble Boxing, are offering live classes on Instagram during the closures.

Via Josephine Skriver's Instagram, @JosephineSkriver

Via Josephine Skriver's Instagram, @JosephineSkriver

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Best With A Partner:

JoJa - One of our own! Josephine Skriver and BFF Jasmine Tooke’s launched their own fitness Instagram and it's the best place to find quick and effective moves to do solo or with a buddy.  They also offer free workouts on their YouTube channel.

Best Pilates:

Melissa Wood - This NYC mama-of-two provides a breath of fresh air during stressful times. Her workouts consist of pilates and yoga ‘flows’ that give us, as she describes, "long lean lines." YES PLEASE!

Best Yoga:

Lululemon - No intimidation here! Their instructors are incredible and the classes are friendly for beginners to everyday yogis! Best part? They are offering free classes via Instagram Live. Live class doesn't fit your schedule? Good news! You can watch live videos at any time for 24 hours, until they disappear!

Best Of Dance:

Megan Roupe - Kate Bock loves her, therefore so do we. Founder of The Sculpt Society, Megan gets the endorphins flowing with her dance-cardio & sculpting classes. Warning: She is challenging and will leave you sore but her workouts are great for everyone.

Best High Intensity:

Rumble Boxing - Famed for their supermodel clientele and body beyond belief trainers, this is one you need to try. The self-proclaimed, “fitness freaks,” have been raved about in just about every publication. In times like these, we all need a bit of a release and this boxing class is the way to get it.

Simply, The Best:

Jane Fonda - Simply because, she's the OG. If you're shacking up with friends or family, do it together! You'll get in a workout and a good laugh. Throw on your leg warmers (you know, the ones from your last minute 80's halloween costume) and head to YouTube to watch for free.

Show us your workouts! Tag @SI_Swimsuit and #StayingInWithSwimsuit to show us what you're doing to stay fit while staying home!