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Brooks Nader Shares Eight Easy Ways to Elevate Any Space

You don't have to spend a fortune to be fancy

While Brooks Nader is certainly known for dazzling in front of the camera, the SI Swimsuit 2020 rookie can work her magic behind the scenes, too. That's because the Baton Rouge native is a talented interior decorator. The model, who now lives in New York City, has a home design business called HOMEBY Brooks Nader, where she rocks a sleek contemporary yet cozy vibe. And she knows how to achieve that look on a budget. Here Brooks reveals her top inexpensive tips for elevating any space.

Add Mirrors

"One thing that I swear by--especially living in Manhattan and having a small space--is to use mirrors to make the space look bigger. You can't overdo it with mirrors. My entry-way hall has four mirrors right when you walk in. It looks huge even though it's not."

Display Sleek Flowers

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"White lilies look so expensive. And you can get fake cheap silk ones, too. Orchids also elevate a space, especially in an entryway or on your dining table. I prefer white ones because they go with everything."

Hang Curtains Higher

"If you have a smaller window, hanging your curtains or shades much higher on the wall makes your space look so much longer, and your ceilings look higher. That's a trick I learned from an interior designer."

Use the Rule of Three

"A trick that I picked up from a really famous interior designer is that you should pair everything in threes. So if you have a tray, add a coffee table book and a flower or a green arrangement on top of it."

Buy Coffee Table Books

"Coffee table books elevate a space. Obviously, you can find super expensive ones. But you can also find pretty ones on Amazon. Just make sure they're hardcover. Pile a couple on top of each other and add a flower arrangement."

Get a Bust


"A bust or a clay sculpture on a pretty base makes it look like you live in the most expensive place ever. And you can get one from Zarah Home for like $40."

Download, Print and Frame Famous Photos


"Another little hack of mine for art is finding a famous photo, ordering a downloadable version on Etsy, printing it out, and beautifully framing it. I did this with a picture of Brigitte Bardot that sold for around $700,000 at auction. I just ordered the same picture online and spent $250 to have it framed the same. It looks like I have the original. Bonus tip: invest in framing because it's instantly elevating."

Stick with Shades of White and Mix Up Textures

"I keep everything white but mix textures in fabrics. For example, I have this amazing croc pillow that's beige, but it adds some dimension. So choosing unique fabrics in the same sleek color scheme makes a space dynamic." 

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