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Brooks Nader Reveals How to Revamp Your Space

The SI Swimsuit model and interior designer shares her top tips.

Brooks Nader certainly knows how to dazzle in front of the camera. But the SI Swimsuit 2021 model continues to prove that her keen sense of style and fashion go beyond modeling. The Baton Rouge native recently started her own home-design business, HOMEBY Brooks Nader, and often shares photos of sleek and modern interiors (including her own lust-worthy NYC apartment). As we start to adjust to life post-pandemic, the 24-year-old reveals how you can change up your space to make it ideal for 2021 living. Here are her Top 5 tips.


Add Cushions and Lights to Your Outdoor Space

"With outdoor spaces, I would suggest stringing lights if you have a porch or grill area. You could also add floor lanterns—mixing different sizes—and add scented candles inside them. Lastly, place seat cushions or even pillows outside to create a cozy vibe. Access to outdoor space is more important than ever so it's important to make it feel like an escape."

Change Up Your Seating Options

"Sitting in a chair all day working from home isn’t the best for you. So I got cream-colored floor pillows that are very comfy. I put them around the coffee table in the living room. That way, when you're sitting on the floor, it feels like a Zen and casual space. You can lean up against the couch to provide support for your back. A lot of times my husband and I will both work from there because it creates a charming vibe. You can also eat around them to change up your at-home meals."

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Use Fancy Cocktail Glasses

"I’ve been obsessed with fancy cocktail glasses. It makes your kitchen feel like the fanciest restaurant. My favorites are these ripple champagne glasses from 2Modern. You can make cocktails or have champagne in them. Add a couple of cute coffee table bar books like Cocktail Chameleon from Assouline to add a pop of color to your kitchen and elevate a nook. Cool cheese boards and serving platters are other great options. It really makes you feel like you’re enjoying a night out. Then when it’s safe to entertain again, these details elevate a party, too."


Use Lamps Instead of Overhead Lighting

"If you live in a space where it’s tight quarters, and you don't have a lot of natural light, use vintage light bulbs that give off a soft light. It helps with your eyes, especially when you’re glued to a computer all day at home. I don’t even turn on our lights. I have lamps everywhere with these cool vintage bulbs that make a big difference when working from home."

Create a Signature Scent

"Amazing smelling candles help make a space feel more comfortable and relaxed. I stick with one scent to create a consistent peaceful environment throughout. Seriously, candles while working from home are a game-changer. LAFCO's Feu de Bois is my personal favorite."