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Brooks Nader Survives Boot Camp Training

The wilderness is tough but this SI Swimsuit model is tougher.

Montenegro is home to a variety of landscapes, several of which are jagged and rough, and the temperature in parts of the country can dip to unsuitable lows for outdoor activity. But SI Swimsuit model Brooks Nader is now capable of weathering any challenge, thanks to her training with expert guide Janko Scepanovic. Tag along for the ride on their survivalist boot camp.

Wearing a very fashionable green jumpsuit and heels, Nader may not have dressed appropriately for the occasion. “It’s really cold but I think I’m going to do really well because I’m from Louisiana and I grew up really country,” she says. “However, I didn’t grow up with a bunch of mountains and hiking and stuff so we’ll see how all this shakes out.”

Scepanovic is taking a more minimal approach to the task. “If you’re really lost in the wilderness, you don’t want to just run without any plans,” he says.

“That’s what I would do,” Nader replies.

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“You want to evaluate your situation,” Scepanovic. “So probably the first thing is to drop stuff you don’t need.” Scepanovic’s bag thumps on the ground.

“I need all my things!” Nader says.

“Sooner or later you’re going to find a creek,” Scepanovic says. “A creek will lead you to another river and then the river will lead you to roads, villages and cities.”

Watch this episode of Explore with Swim to see how Nader fares during this survivalist adventure as she learns how to look for shelter and build a fire in the wild.