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Camille Kostek’s Power of Manifestation

The 2019 SI Swimsuit cover model uncovers the impact word choices have had on her life.

Camille Kostek’s career has been steadily skyrocketing and it’s not by mistake or by chance. Kostek’s rise from professional cheerleader to host of NBC’s Dancing With Myself can be attributed to the power of manifestation.

As part of its 2022 issue launch, the SI Swimsuit team headed to South Florida for a weekend of events and activities at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. In a discussion devoted to the topic of mental health, SI Swimsuit models Camille Kostek, Marquita Pring, Kate Bock and Tanaye White opened up about their experiences in front of a live audience as part of a panel sponsored by Maybelline Brave Together.

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Kostek, who often talks about self-acceptance and self-confidence, noted how word choices can play a part in helping or hurting your own reality. “When people write affirmations or they advise to do affirmations, it’s ‘I am kind, I am love. I have everything I need. I am abundant.’ What if—because I do this with my life so I want to share this with you—we stop saying, ‘I have anxiety.’ [Instead] say, ‘I am dealing with anxiety. I am healing from anxiety’”

The 2019 SI Swimsuit cover model went on to explain the significance that words can have on your life. “I actually learned that the word ‘spelling’ is because in order to create a word, you have to spell it. When you say those words, you are casting a spell. So when you’re speaking those words, you’re casting a spell.”

Clearly, Kostek has been casting bright, positive spells with her own words these days. She is the queen of setting big goals, going after them and doing it “for the dreamers.”