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Camille Kostek’s Trick to Beating Jet Lag Is a Sure Thing

The SI Swimsuit model/TV host is an energetic pro traveler.

First there was Carrie, then Emily and most recently Camille in Paris. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek and her newly retired beau Rob Gronkowski recently had the most epic – albeit quick — trip to the City of Love. “It was incredible,” she says. “The city is beautiful; there is so much history to learn. I constantly found myself saying I had just walked into a fairy tale. I already want to go back!”

During the trip with her own personal Prince Charming, Kostek biked to the Pont des Arts (otherwise known as Love Lock Bridge), played tennis and toured the sights, all while being très chic in new Christian Dior purchases and her Swimsuits for All collection. The 30-year-old took along her followers for the ride. “I am head over heels for this city,” she posted while showing a close-up of the Eiffel Tower in her IG Stories. “It was a quick one but enough to fall in love. If I didn’t have to run back to the states for work, I’d stay the whole month!! Paris – you have my heart.”

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Going from vacay right into a busy day in New York City that included a Rowdy Energy launch party (Kostek serves as the brand’s chief wellness officer) was not easy, but for someone always on the go, Kostek had it down. “If I have to get off a flight and head to work and feel jet-lagged, I like to spend time in an infrared sauna followed by a cold shower and lots of water,” she advises. “It also helps to have a Rowdy Energy drink with me throughout the day to keep me alert and awake to help adjust to the time zones.”

The clean energy drinks did exactly that during the launch event where she taught a cardio class and well into the next day when she made back-to-back media appearances for NBC’s Dancing With Myself. Despite being on-the-go, Kostek understands the importance of self-care and the ability to acknowledge the times when she lacks stamina. “I like to honor those feelings of leaning into recovering on the days when I don’t feel as motivated,” she explains. “I like to take a bath, walk in nature or take an infrared sauna to sweat out the toxins in my body. Those ultimately motivate me the next day to be more active.”

And then when her energy level is up, she finds herself doing two-a-days in the gym. Ever wonder who is the rowdy one in the relationship? “It depends on the day,” Kostek says. “Football games, and when he is around his brothers, Gronk takes the crown for rowdier, but days when I take the stage as a host or am lighting up a dance floor or teaching dance cardio classes at a Rowdy event, I am rowdier!”