A Celebrity Makeup Artist’s Secret to Glowy Skin Is Under $5

Here are all the products you need to get that barely-there makeup look.

Makeup artist Christine Cherbonnier, who frequently works on SI Swimsuit shoots, has perfected minimalist glam in just a few easy steps. Her favorite daytime look is not difficult to pull off at all; it’s so natural you’ll have people wondering if you woke up like this! Cherbonnier has put together a step-by-step guide with recommended products for you to master this at home. And the best part, her secret weapon is just under $5.


Before adding any makeup, it’s all about moisturizing and starting with a beautiful, fresh canvas. Cherbonnier begins with Bioderma Micellar Water and Face Halo Pads. “I love this Face Halo Pad because it helps to gently exfoliate that top layer of skin off of your face,” she says. “After I’m done cleansing in the morning, I always do a hyaluronic serum. My hyaluronic serum of choice right now is the Dr. Barbara Sturm serum. It just feels really nice and cooling and soothing on my skin.”

Once the skin has received some hydration, it’s important to add extra moisture. “This is a big part of having glowy, radiant skin.” she says, recommending the Diamond Radiance Mask by Knesko. “This is going to bring more hydration to the skin, and it’s collagen-based to create a beautiful canvas.” The final part of the skin prep involves Weleda creams. Because she tends to need a little more hydration, she opts for the Awakening Night Cream as the day cream.


“After I do my skincare, I am going to go straight to my primer,” she explains. Cherbonnier recommends using a tinted moisturizer as the base (her go-to was the Becca Light Shifter Dewing Tint Illuminator). To apply, she uses the Elf ultimate buffing brush. If you need some more coverage but still want to look natural, dab on a little Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation by Chanel. She says: “This one can be pretty heavy if you use a lot, so I’m just going to do a little bit with the same buffing brush. This foundation does give a lot of coverage but looks really hydrating and glowy.” After the foundation is on, she takes Stretch Concealer by Glossier to conceal the little spots. “I just want to totally even out my skin, but I don’t want it to look really makeup-y.”

After Cherbonnier finishes the eyes, she uses the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette. “I love this palette; I love it as a contour.” She applies it with the Clarins synthetic blush brush. “It’s angled and has a really good width to it, so it works really well as a contour brush.” She places the color on her cheeks and forehead, basically where she would normally get sun.


First and foremost, an enhanced eyebrow can do wonders to even the simplest of glam, so Cherbonnier suggests lightly applying Soft Black Eyebrow Brush in 13 by Lancôme to the brows. And because the focus is highlighted cheeks, the eyes are pretty understated, too. For this look, she uses Les Beiges Blurry Mauve palette by Chanel. “I love this for the lighter taupe color. I think it is really beautiful around the eyes.” To apply, she uses Morphe brush number M573 and places the color right on top of the eye. Then you can take a flatter brush, like the Morphe M167 with the same color and just press it into your lashes on the bottom. “This is basically going to make my eyes look bigger,” she notes.

Next, she uses the lightest color (almost white) in the NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. “We all have a color like this in almost every eyeshadow palette,” Cherbonnier says. “Just pop it on the inner part of my eye to brighten the corner. You can also take a little bit and pop it in the middle of your eye. This creates a three-dimensional look to the eye without putting the shimmer all over the lid.”

Mascara is the only additional makeup for the eyes. “I’m not going to use liner because I really want my lid to stand out as my eye look and to be beautiful and glowy,” she explains. “I’m taking Blackest Black in the Luminous Lash Paradise by L’Oréal. This one is really good for lashes that already have length. It is really good at not only lengthening, but it really thickens my lash.”


“I’m going to pop on a lip liner that I really love,” Cherbonnier says. “It is a more nude, matte lip liner by NYX called Suede.” To give the lips a shine, she recommends Shiseido Shimmer Gel Gloss N02. “It has a really beautiful, blue opalescence to it.”


If there is too much shine through the T-zone, you can go back with the Chanel powder to mattify and make it a bit more subtle. As a way to enhance the natural glow and sort of pop the highlights on your skin, Cherbonnier loves the Transparent glow stick by Chanel. “This one you can rub all over your face, and it would be so gorgeous,” she mentions. “I’m going to take this one and put it on my eyes. I’m going to press it on top of that glowing highlight I already have and then right up on my brow. It’s going to give me a glowy look to my skin, but it’s not going to look shimmery.”

And for the product that may be her best kept secret and just under $5, Cherbonnier raves about the Wet ‘N Wild Megastick highlight. “It’s so inexpensive, and I love to use it as a highlight.” she says. “I’m just going to pop this up on my cheek. This one is a lighter one so it’s really going to reflect.”

Alisandra Puliti


Alisandra Puliti is a NYC-based entertainment journalist with over 15 years of experience. Before joining the SI Swimsuit team as a contributing editor, the Penn State alum held several positions at HELLO! and HOLA! Media, Us Weekly and OK! Magazine. Throughout her tenure, she has been a fixture at events such as the Golden Globes to the Cannes Film Festival and has interviewed the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Eva Longoria, Jay-Z and more of Hollywood’s elite. A self-professed ‘social homebody,’ when she isn’t home binge-watching the newest streaming series or perfecting pasta dishes, her constant wanderlust has her packing her bags and heading out for a new adventure –most likely back to Italy!