Christie Brinkley Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets

The SI Swimsuit model Shares Her Insider Advice.

Christie Brinkley is one of those people who somehow defies time and looks better as she ages. The now 67-year-old made her SI Swimsuit Issue debut in 1975 and has appeared nine more times, including a 2017 shoot with her daughters. Brinkley is the embodiment of the notion that age is just a number. So how does the legend manage to retain that youthful glow?


Earlier this year Brinkley joined the ownership team of SBLA Beauty, the company helmed by leading female beauty innovator Randi Shinder. We caught up with SBLA’s new ambassador to find out her secrets.

Stick to a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine

"Good nutrition goes a long way in giving you radiant skin. I've been interested in nutrition since I was 12 years old and decided that I didn't want to eat animals because I love them. So I've always had an awareness. I would read books like Adelle Davis back in the day and learn how to eat a mixture of grains and beans to become the perfect protein. Good nutrition really does matter; exercise and controlling your weight matter, too. Gaining tons of weight and losing weight is hard on your skin."

Use Sun Protection

"Unfortunately, in my family, we got a lot of sun so I have a lot of sun damage like hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, creases and lines. That's why good sun protection is important. Now I reapply sunblock all day long when I'm at my home in Turks & Caicos. Or if I'm up north, I use a moisturizing sunblock."

Find a Trusted Dermatologist

"A great dermatologist is also really important. I've been regularly going to my dermatologist since I was maybe 30 to take care of anything before it became a big issue on my face. If I saw a line that bothered me, they'd put a little tiny drop of filler in it. Then the line never really formed. Early prevention with the goal of never trying to look like somebody else lets you put your best face forward."

Be Grateful

"Attitude plays a huge part. Obsessing over your skin and getting too carried away with trying to eliminate every single wrinkle is not good for you mentally. Laughing with friends is anti-aging and healing in more ways than we can ever possibly imagine. You can have a still picture of a beautiful face. But if the person then enters the room with this dark cloud of negativity over them, the beauty will fade real fast. You can project youthful beauty at 90 by your attitude and sense of gratitude."


Use a Few Effective Products

"My skincare routine is pretty simple -- I use just a few products. I use a scrub in the morning, and then I use my SBLA wands. I use the SBLA Beauty Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand all the way to my decolletage before putting on a sunblock. Then I swear by my SBLA Neck Chin & Jawline Sculpting XL at night because it increases Irisin, which tells your body to lose weight in this targeted zone. It works wonders on double chins and other trouble areas for women."

Jordi Lippe-McGraw


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