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Naomi Osaka wasn’t the only fashion-forward tennis star at this year’s U.S. Open. Coco Gauff, one the sports youngest players, just announced her new capsule collection with New Balance. In her first-round victory over Magda Linette Monday night, Gauff wore a tank top with a black-and-white graffiti-esque pattern and hot pink flowy shorts. The outfit showcased the 90s vibe she pulled from for the collection. From joggers to windbreakers, hoodies, sneakers and graphic tees, it fully captures the energy and street style of New York City of that time and shows off Gauff’s love for statement making.

Although Gauff lost to Sloane Stephens last night and is out of the singles draw, she is still in the women’s double competition with partner Catherine McNally. We'll be rooting for her -- and checking out what she wears -- tonight!

Last week we caught up with Gauff at Pier 76 in New York City, days after her New Balance collection launch. She was on the scene to show off the pop-up tennis courts American Express had built alongside the Hudson River in celebration of the U.S. Open. She answered a few questions in between hitting a few balls:

What’s your off-the-court personality?

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Off the court, I’m not as intense as I am when I’m playing. I feel like people think I’m super uptight, but I’m definitely the opposite, I like to have fun and do spontaneous things.

Who has been your biggest inspiration, on and off the court?

On and off the court, it’s definitely the Williams sisters. I feel like Serena and Venus have broken so many barriers, not only for women’s tennis but for sports in general, especially for people of color in sports. They are definitely on-and-off-court icons.

If you weren't playing tennis, what would you be doing?

I’d definitely be playing another sport. I love sports, it’s my life. I’m a fan of sports in general. I’d probably be playing basketball. But if I didn’t want to do sports at all, I’d be an entrepreneur and start something on my own, and not work for a company.

Any fun projects you dream about?

In the future I would like to do off-the-court clothing, with more clothing design. My New Balance collection has definitely more of an athletic feel. It may be something you’d wear off-court but it’s still in an athletic realm, though. I’d eventually like to do something more like jeans or dresses or something that wouldn’t be considered sporty.

Talk a little about your partnership with American Express...

First, I think this is one of the coolest places I’ve ever played tennis, right on Hudson River Park., American Express is working with the USTA Foundation’s Excellence Team program, helping underprivileged kids get the opportunity to play tennis. I was lucky that my parents were able to afford all the costs that came with training, but I know not all kids have those same opportunities. So, the fact that American Express is giving other kids that chance is something I’m glad to be a part of.

What are you currently binge watching?

I just finished watching Outer Banks and All American. I love those shows. And now I’m watching Manifest and also an anime show called Seven Deadly Sins. They’re super good.