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All Hail Coconut Oil, The One Product You Can't Live Without

The miracle beauty product you’ve been looking for has been in your kitchen cabinet this whole time.

I fully subscribe to the idea that coconut oil is the be-all and end-all of beauty products. You can find coconut oil in my home 24/7 from my small Vita Coco jars to my massive jugs ordered from Amazon. It’s in my kitchen, my bathroom, inside my bag and on my vanity. You need it and here's why:

Barbara Palvin by James Macari

Barbara Palvin by James Macari


 I’m currently on a hair regrowth journey so I spend 90% of my time pinteresting hair masks, googling magic pills and begging Kate Bock for any piece of advice she has. Through all of my extensive research, I’ve come to the conclusion you need to ditch the pills filled with god-knows-what and buy a jar of coconut oil. Mix it with honey, throw it on solo, whatever feels right. Coconut oil hair masks help reduce protein loss and replenish moisture from all the heat and chemical damage.

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I can’t stand highlighters, they fill my sink with sparkles and give me seriously embarrassing flashbacks to my days of white shimmer eye shadow in sixth grade (we all did it!). Instead, my trick to the perfect glowy look is coconut oil. Dab a small amount on your nose and cheekbones for dewy perfection.


I am a compulsive chapstick user, so I can’t leave my house for five minutes without some sort of lip hydrator. (You never know who you’ll have to kiss!) Trust me, your lips will never be softer than when you use coconut oil. Go online and order empty lip gloss containers, spoon in some coconut oil and toss them in your bag, car and vanity.


Did you know most lubricants on the market are filled with harmful chemicals? Me neither. Now while I don’t recommend just slapping on a big ol’ glob of coconut oil, it does have its benefits if used properly. Do your research and opt for products like WOO’s Coconut Love Oil for a more natural product.