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Danielle Herrington Shares Her Tips for Eating Healthy While on the Go

Staying in shape can be challenge. Staying in shape while traveling can be especially grueling ... just ask first-year SI Swimsuit model Danielle Herrington

Staying in shape can be challenge. Staying in shape while traveling can be especially grueling ... just ask first-year SI Swimsuit model Danielle Herrington. We caught up with the Compton native to discuss dieting, cheat meals and staying in shape while traveling on the road. 

Sports Illustrated: Would you say, overall, you're a healthy eater?

Danielle Herrington: I am naturally very muscular, so a big part of me staying in shape is food and eating well. I run a lot, which makes me really hungry so I have to make sure I eat well to stay in shape and keep my energy up.

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SI: You travel a lot for your job. Do you find it harder to eat healthy when you’re on the road?

DH: It's definitely harder. The food you're used to isn't always there and it's easy to be lazy and just eat whatever you can. The one thing I do now [while traveling] is pack some of my own foods so it’s healthier and I know it'll be there when I want it.

SI: I'm know it's hard to eat healthy 100 percent of the time, especially when traveling. Do you have a favorite cheat meal while on the road? 

DH: I love pizza and tacos. Bacon barbeque burgers are great, too.

SI: Do you ever feel gross or guilty afterward? if you eat a pizza or something?

DH: Honestly, I work hard enough that if I do have a cheat day or moment, I don’t get too upset about it.

SI: You love to run, which you've said is a great form of exercise while traveling. Do you eat differently if you know you're going for a long run?

DH: It depends on how I’m feeling in the morning. Sometimes I'll eat a bigger meal or I'll eat an egg white omelet. Most of the runs I do are 15-minute interval runs so I want to make sure I have enough energy to complete them.

SI: What's your favorite healthy meal to eat on the road?

DH: Cauliflower mash. It's perfect for lunch or dinner, on the road or at home. It's just boiled cauliflower mashed up with garlic, salt and pepper. You can add butter also. I love it because it reminds me of mashed potatoes.

SI: Do you eat desert?

DH: I’m not really a big desert person. If I’m really craving something sweet, honestly I'll just eat some candy, but I don’t like cake or ice cream or anything like that.

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SI: You mentioned how much you love candy, which I know can be tempting on the road. What’s your candy of choice?

DH: I really, really like red licorice. It's my weakness. 

SI: ​Did you always eat well growing up?

DH: I used to eat anything and everything. Candy and chips—literally anything.

SI: Did you have a moment when you said you should stop?

DH: When I got to New York, I cleaned up my diet. It’s hard to start but after you do it for a while, you like the healthy snacks.

SI: We've talked a lot about what you eat while traveling. Do you have a favorite restaurant when you're home in NYC? 

DH: Chalk Point Kitchen. It's really good and they have organic mixed drinks. It's definitely my favorite.