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A Look Back at Kenya: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Here’s how to adopt orphaned elephants just like the SI Swimsuit crew.

Last year the SI Swimsuit crew had the opportunity to travel to Kenya. It was the trip of a lifetime (I still dream about going back at least once a week), even for those who have traveled around the world time and time again. On our journey back to New York City, we had an overnight stop in Nairobi at the incredible Hemingways Nairobi. Before our red-eye flight the next day, we headed into town to have lunch at a local restaurant and to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We were led inside and asked to stand off to the side. About five minutes later 20 baby elephants came running towards us. It was unlike anything I have ever seen or will see again. I actually think I screamed, they were that incredible.

Photo courtesy of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Photo courtesy of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of East Africa’s pioneering conservation firms and has worked for the protection and conservation of wildlife and wild habitats in Kenya for over 40 years. The not-for-profit organization implements innovative and proven solutions to tackle wildlife poaching, human-wildlife conflict, habitat destruction and drought. They are best known for their work in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants, being the first organization in the world to successfully hand-raise, orphaned milk-dependent elephants and reintegrate them back into the wild through its Orphans’ Project.

The best part is you can actually adopt an orphaned elephant. For $50 a year you will receive a personalized adoption certificate; monthly updates on your orphaned elephant and the project; a monthly watercolor by Angela Sheldrick; and access to special content such as the latest Keepers' Diaries, videos and photos. Every single person on the crew lined up to adopt one and even adopted more elephants for their loved ones at home. You know what’s coming up? Father’s Day! Why not gift dad the cutest little elephant and help an organization that is saving wildlife throughout Kenya. We think it makes a perfect gift.