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Is it Time to Get Back Together With Our Jeans?

While we may never retire our new tie-dye sweat sets, let's face it, denim is coming back.

We can all agree that wearing denim has been put on the back burner for the unforeseeable future, but just like that toxic relationship you can never quit, we’ll soon be reunited with our latest frenemy, jeans. Allow me to refresh your memory of what cute jeans look like, and no, it's not Kris Jenner.



My go-to for “fun denim”. The price is low, the looks are fun, and the fit is like the best pair of jeans you’ve ever thrifted.

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You can’t talk about jeans without mentioning the OG. Make these your go-to date night denim! Plus, whatever the Queen of Streetwear, Hailey Bieber, wears, you can bet I’ll be wearing, too.


If you had to describe Rachel Green with a pair of jeans, they would be a pair from GRLFRND. Good denim is worth the splurge, especially with this brand. (Bonus tip: Head to Revolve now, there are a ton of cute pairs on sale..


While I can’t always agree with Kardashian fashion -- can we stop with the bike shorts, please? -- I have to give credit to Khloe because she knows how to make blue jeans that fit a curve. Try them and you’ll be snapping look-back mirror pics before you know it.


 I can’t get enough of EB Denim. They reconstruct vintage Levi’s giving them a fresh twist, which means no pair are exactly the same!