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Earn Money by Renting Your Closet Out

Rethink your shopping habits with clothing rental service Wardrobe.

Unfortunately for our wallets, here at SI Swimsuit our deep love for bikinis (and clothes in general) brings along a passion for shopping. This being said, we know far too well how hunting for an item is often as challenging as it is exciting. (Just how many swimsuits do we pull searching for the one? You so don’t want to know.) This coupled with the far too familiar post-purchase regret has made browsing for items feel like a daunting feat.

Luckily, there has been an influx of clothing rental services pop up over the last few years. Services like Rent the Runway, Nuuly, Tulerie, to name a few, provide consumers with the much more flexible option of renting clothing. As current shopping habits continue to take their toll on our planet, these services help to eliminate waste and give items new lives. Plus, this new form of shopping is not only a more sustainable option to making traditional purchases, but also provides the comfort of a trial period. Not sure if you actually love the dress? Try it out for five days and then decide.

Wardrobe is the latest venture to join the rental market. The service provides customers the option of borrowing someone else’s clothing or putting up pieces of your own closet for rent. The New York City-based company allows customers to browse hundreds of closets and exclusive items not up for grabs in many other places. If you find a piece you love, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep and reserve it for up to 20 days. Once your rental period is up, simply place the item in the provided garment bag, accompanied by the prepaid return label, and voila, you’re done.

On the flip side, Wardrobe is a great option if you’re looking to make some extra cash for those clothes in your closet that you rarely find yourself reaching for. We’ve all been there: in the thick of a closet purge, face to face with a pair of pants you have owned for five years and not worn once, you’re left to ponder the ongoing dilemma of “what if I need these some day?” Renting these clothes out through Wardrobe is the perfect solution until you are ready to finally say goodbye.

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You can lend out items anywhere in the world, with shipping costs covered by Wardrobe. After cleaning fees, the lender receives 70% of the rental price, with Wardrobe handling all of the other details down to the photos, storage, etc. Once the lending period is over, you have the option to relist or have the item returned. It doesn’t cost a thing to join the Wardrobe lender community, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Has a clothing service ever been so easy?!

Check out a few of the listings that caught our eye and rent them now!

Selkie Chalk Empress Dress ($24.75 / 4 days)


Loewe Basket bag in palm leaf and calfskin ($31.95 / 4 days)


Chanel Lambskin Cross Trainer Sneakers ($36.74 / 4 days)


Prada White Logo Skirt ($35.75 / 4 days)