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Everything You Need to Know About Hunter McGrady’s All Worthy Intimates Drop

The SI Swimsuit model is launching an inclusive underwear brand.

Hunter McGrady is the poster child for inclusivity. The SI Swimsuit model has been outspoken about body positivity for years after being told to lose weight as a teen model. Now, at size 20, the in-demand plus-size model is using her influence to help others (again) by launching an inclusive underwear line called All Worthy Intimates on August 5.

McGrady first teased the line on July 27 by sharing some behind-the-scenes clips from the photo shoot. Luckily, we were able to chat with her to get all the details.

Where did the idea All Worthy Intimates come from?

“Most of my career has been modeling either swim or intimates, and I have always found that the intimates I was modeling didn’t fit right; the band wasn’t big enough, it dug in my side, it just wasn’t right. So I wanted to change that and create a line that is customized to what I believe is missing in this world. We test on a wide array of body types to get the most exceptional fit.”

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What are you most excited for about the launch?

“For people to finally get their hands on these garments! It has been almost a year and a half of design and production. So much work has gone into this project that I am elated to see how the public responds to it. I’m really proud of what we have engineered with these intimates!”

How is it different from other intimate brands?

“I think the biggest thing is that it is designed from a plus-size point of view and then scaled down. Whereas historically, it is designed from a straight-size point of view and scaled up to fit larger sizes. I created each piece with myself in mind and what I thought I needed as a plus-size consumer. I have always said since Day 1 that my brand is about inclusivity. I would love to expand more and more, to various sizes, etc.”

Did becoming a mother shape any ideas for the line?

“Absolutely! I think being a mother, your wants and needs change a little bit. Do I still want to wear the lacy, sexy bra? Yes! But I need it to be supportive and comfortable and one that I can wear running after my toddler, too.”

What can customers expect?

“You can expect a little bit of everything. I wanted to create pieces for the customer who wanted something sexy, supportive, sporty, and loungey, all while being affordable. Accessibility is all part of inclusivity.”