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Style A September Uniform with Pieces You Already Own

Here’s how to transition your wardrobe for fall with budget and sustainability in mind.

No matter how old you are, September’s back-to-school feeling elicits a desire for newness, a vibe which often requires spending money to achieve. Fall fashion is without a doubt the most exciting, but that shouldn't make it a time where we disregard the state of our bank accounts and/or our consumer responsibility to shop sustainably. IMO, people look best in clothes that have seen a thing or two, opposed to fresh out the box.

Take a good look at your wardrobe through the lens of “less is more” and always take inventory before making a new purchase. You’ll be surprised at the high-level looks you can put together with a few of your favorite pieces. Think about looks that transition well through your day. By throwing a blazer over a slip dress and swapping accessories, you can easily go from the office or running errands to dinner. You certainly shouldn't have to overthink about what to wear twice in one day.

Sustainable Fall Fashion

Most pieces are vintage or over five years old. Still shoppable: Joah Brown Long Sleeve Square Neck Top, Ralph Lauren Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt, EB Denim Cropped Jacket, STAUD Tommy Beaded Bag.

These few pieces worn different ways are the wardrobe staples I consider as my second skin. Investment pieces do not need to be expensive; they are those that can be worn often (through different seasons), that fit you well and that you feel comfortable in. If you need to shop, buy staple pieces that can act as a backbone to a multitude of looks like a black slip dress, a white blouse or a pair of versatile, great fitting jeans.

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Pieces worth investing in:

Fall Fashion
  1. Black slip dress
  2. Sleek bodysuit
  3. White cotton shirt
  4. Oversized blazer
  5. Denim Jacket
  6. A perfectly fitting pair of jeans (check out Imparfait Paris for a great selection of vintage 501 Levi's)
  7. Trousers 

And if you need further convincing, check out celebrity stylist Allison Bornstein’s Instagram. She is a go-to source to see the many different ways you can style one piece.