Fitness Guru Sami Clarke Shares Her Secrets

Find out how the trainer navigates health, wellness and her Instagram community

If you follow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s live Instagram workouts, then you’ve likely had the pleasure of working out with Sami Clarke. Clarke is a great source of inspiration and motivation to stay fit and healthy. We love her dynamic workouts with their perfect mix of cardio and strength training. We chatted with Clarke about her journey in the fitness world and how she stays on top of her game:


SI: What brought you into the fitness world?

SC: My dad played a large part in my interest into the fitness world at a young age. He showed me what true discipline looked and felt like and how important physical and mental health is to our lives. Once going off and being on my own, I fell into modeling. Being in that kind of industry, I knew I wanted to understand and be in control of how to take care of my body in a healthy way!

SI: What has been one of the best things about sharing your fitness journey and helping others?

SC: The best thing is getting to see these amazing people take that first step of believing in themselves. Seeing these women pushing past their limits and achieving their goals is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling to be a part of. I really cherish knowing that they are feeling happier, healthier and stronger and inspiring others to do the same through their hard work.

SI: How would you describe your online community?

SC: I would describe them as powerful women who want the absolute most for their lives! This community is made up of people at different stages and ages of life, but they all want to be their highest and happiest self. That is what it is all about.

SI: Do you have any tips on staying healthy both physically and mentally during quarantine or generally difficult times?

SC: Especially during this time, I am really giving my body and mind the attention they need. I am trying to have daily check-ins where I ask myself how I’m really feeling. I am a firm believer that your body will be the first to speak to you if something is not right or if it needs attention. I also find sticking to a schedule/routine helps me during this time to continue to be motivated and productive.

SI: How do you stay motivated?

SC: When I started to become more disciplined, it helped me become more motivated. I had to ditch the old habits and create new ones. From finding that accountability partner to meal prepping, I am setting myself up for success rather than making the tasks seem so big and difficult. I practice seeing my highest self and striving towards her every day, which gives me that extra motivation on those days I need it.

SI: Where would you like to see your brand in five years?

SC: I see it being a space where women worldwide come to grow and feel supported in health, fitness and wellness.

Margot Zamet


Margot Zamet is the Fashion Editor at SI Swimsuit covering all things style and beauty. Margot joined the “swim team” as an intern while attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been with the brand ever since. She spends much of her year traveling with SI on photoshoots for styling. Her downtime is equal parts R&R on the beach and enjoying overpriced martinis with her friends.