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Live Boldly With These Six Lipstick Trends for Spring

Dress up your smile with these colors.

This spring, it’s all about living boldly, especially when it comes to makeup trends. With the last of the mask mandates being lifted, it’s time to put your best feature on display – your smile. After all, gone are the days of smudging your lipstick on face coverings. Every season celebrity makeup artist Christine Cherbonnier loves a bright lip, so she is sharing her new favorite go-to-colors and brands that will give you the perfect pout.

Whether it’s matte lipstick, a high-shimmer gloss or a liner, keep scrolling for the products you’ll be saving to your shopping cart.

Orange Nude

Cherbonnier: “This is a classic that can work for so many people. This color is such a perfect in-between of a pink and an orange. It’s so easy to apply. It’s one of my tried-and-true NARS matte lip velvet pencils.”

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Cherbonnier: “This is my recommendation for a beautiful, nude lip. It’s super easy to pop on; you don’t even have to look in a mirror. It’s so pretty. It’s not too peach, not too pink, not too pale, not too gray.”

Bright Pink

Cherbonnier: “Shiseido looks beautiful as is, but now I’m going to apply the Chanel Immobile 70. These are so easy to use. This is going to give me the most beautiful, bright pink color. It doesn’t feel like a gloss; it dries down and you just have a beautiful color after.”


Cherbonnier: “This is more of a gloss and has more of a sheen to it. I absolutely love this one. I can totally see this with really beautiful, glowing skin.”

Bright Orange

Cherbonnier: “Every year a super bright orange lip is always a good thing for spring. I am going to use a lip liner because I do need to draw a more perfect line. Lasting Sensation by Mac is a true bright orange. The Individualist nº320 by Maybelline is a super-stay matte formula.”