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Five Ways to De-stress Right Now

Try these tools to help calm anxiety.

When Election Day turned into Election Week, you may found yourself unprepared for and overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos. You weren’t alone. But it’s totally normal to feel highly stressed right now. In hopes of not letting this political race govern your mental state more than necessary, you may find these tools helpful in keeping a sense of calm:

Listen to a podcast

A Mindful Moment hosted by Teresa McKee talks through strategies of dealing with anxiety and how to remain level-headed even in undesirable situations.

Call a friend

Sometimes, more than anything, you just need to talk to a friend or listen to a family member's voice, someone to laugh with to get you out of your head for a bit.

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Take a digital detox for an hour (or more)

If you can pry yourself away from your phone right now, you should. Take a short time without refreshing for updates.

Get outside

Fresh air is always one of the simplest and most accessible tools to calm your mind and body.

Re-read a favorite book

This is a perfect time to re-read a favorite book because you already know the ending and don’t need to worry about how it all turns out. This will get you away from screens for a while, too.