Francesca Aiello Shares Her Must-Try Swimwear Trends

Who better to trust than the Bikini Queen herself?

Hi everyone. My name is Francesca Aiello, founder and creative director for Frankies Bikinis, and I am so excited to be joining Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as a guest editor for this month! I feel like it is only fitting that we start this off with one of our favorite discussion topics -- swimwear trends! One thing I love about designing swimwear is the freedom to express yourself through the bikini you are wearing as well as the confidence you feel when you are wearing something that truly represents you. When designing for my brand, I always make sure that the trends I get inspiration from can be universally flattering for all different body types, body shapes, skin tones, body sizes and more, so that everyone can indulge in the trends of the moment. Trends in swimwear can vary among prints, colors, fabrics, silhouettes and even fun little details like hardware. When designing collections for my brand, one thing I love to do is launch capsules that highlight specific trends I am obsessed with at the time. Inspiration for trends can come from any place at any time, so dropping these specific collections throughout each month allows me to share my favorite trends with my customers in real time. Let’s get into a few of the top trends I am loving for this year!

Bright Colors

The first swimwear trend that I am loving for this summer, and one that you will see a lot in Frankies Bikinis’ upcoming collections, is bright colors. Whether they are solids or prints, I think that we will be seeing a lot of these fun, loud colors this season. This trend Is not only fun to wear aesthetically, but it also has the ability to really brighten up our mood and make us excited for the warmer days that lie ahead. We have been playing with mixing bright colors in floral prints, color blocking, playing with different fabrics, and there are so many other ways that brands will be putting their own personal spin on this fun trend.

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Psychedelic Prints

I have always been a fan of funky prints – taking something that is more mainstream and putting my own spin on it. I think that playing with and finding prints really allows you to make it special and unique to your brand and is also a way to channel your creativity. Likewise, when a customer is shopping for swimwear, prints are another form of self-expression. I think self-expression is so important, especially after we have all been at home for so long over the past year, and this season these prints will be a fun and creative way to express yourself.

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Three-Piece Sets

Another trend I am obsessed with for this season is three-piece sets. For the past few years, I have been obsessed with creating apparel that ties back to your swimwear with a matching color, fabric or print. Throughout Frankies Bikinis’ collections you will see pieces like our Fifi silk and Coco terry cloth button-down shirts and shorts that can be worn over your swimsuit as a cover-up, dressed up with a cute pair of heels for dinner, or paired with your favorite sneakers for running around town. It’s easy and it’s also multi-use which I love because it’s more bang for your buck! This season I am seeing this trend growing with simple pieces like a tie sarong or cozy shorts, and we just recently launched our first swim skirt that is worn over your bottoms and can also be worn in the water. I love this trend because it really elevates your look and also just makes it really fun to style.

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FrankiesBikinis-Marty Bottom-Morrison-Back

Happy Pieces

The final trend I am personally paying most attention to is pieces that genuinely make you feel happy and excited when looking at them. I think the bright colors and psychedelic prints kind of tie in here, but anything that you see that makes you say, “Wow I love this!” When I was designing our latest collections, I was really thinking about the customer and how I wanted them to feel when they opened their package in the midst of a pandemic. Bright colors, fun prints, sparkly fabrics – they seem so minor but really have the ability to brighten people’s day. With so much darkness people have and are still enduring, I feel if a customer can open a package from Frankies Bikinis (or any brand) and get excited and happy even for a few moments, that is my goal. Whether you are laying out in your backyard, somewhere tropical, or even inside taking photos in your new bikinis for Instagram, small moments like getting your new swimsuit in the mail can add a bit of joyfulness to the moment.

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