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Georgina Burke Shares What She Thinks Is the Most Important Part of Being a Model

The SI Swimsuit model prioritizes her mental health above all.

Georgina Burke has a thriving modeling career and her size-friendly swimsuit business is booming. But what exactly has given her that extra boost of confidence and glow? Her mental health.

At SI Swimsuit’s launch party in South Florida earlier this year, Burke discussed what she feels is the most important part about being a model with red carpet hosts Kate Bock and Kamie Crawford.“I honestly think the most important part of being a model is your mental health,” said Burke. “I’ve spent the last three years working so extensively at that.”

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Addressing the importance that environment can play on mental health, the Burke NYC founder shared, “I think it’s so important to surround yourself with incredible people. I wasn’t doing that for the longest time.”

Burke noted that there was a time when she felt pulled by the industry to fit into a particular size. Now that she’s prioritizing her mental health, she says that that’s no longer the case. “I’m finally at a point in my career where people aren’t telling me what size I need to be,” she said. “And I’m getting booked for who I am. Do you know how liberating that feels? It’s a game changer for me and I think my whole mental state around that.”

Crawford, who has shared her own self-care tips chimed in. “Mental health is the most important thing in anything that you do in life,” the host of MTV’s Catfish said. Burke and Bock nodded in agreement. If your own mental health is needing some attention, we’ve pulled together this list of five of our favorite mental health support apps.