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SI Swimsuit Models Share Their Favorite Empowerment Songs

There's nothing like a solid tune to pump you up.

One of the things that makes SI Swimsuit models stand out is their ability to empower others. There's no question these women are strong inside and out. But even they need a boost sometimes to get pumped up, whether it be for an intense workout or a big business meeting. And just like the rest of us, that pick-me-up can come in the form of a song. So what are the models' go-to tunes to feel empowered? A few share their top picks.

Katie Austin

“I love ‘Just Like Magic' by Ariana Grande because it’s all about manifesting what you want and ultimately getting what you believe you deserve!”

Brooks Nader

"'Handsomer' by Russ just has a fun vibe. My trainer at Gotham Gym blasts rap songs like that for a boxing workout. It's perfect for empowering me through a tough session."

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Tanaye White

“‘Everybody Everybody’ by Black Box is definitely a song that gets me moving. The song is a classic R&B meets house track and features trumpets and keyboard notes that make you move. The lyrics are easy to remember as well, so you can belt it out.”

Christen Harper

"There is nothing like bumping some Shania Twain to make you feel like you can conquer the world."

Katrina Scott

"I love 'Fly Away' by Tones because it just makes you feel like you can always follow your dreams and start new chapters. You’re never stuck in one situation, and change can be a good thing. Also, I love anything Beyoncé and Anitta ever since I saw her at the SI Swimsuit show."

Marquita Pring

“I love this song called ‘Golden’ by Jill Scott because it's just one of those beautiful, feel-good songs. It's kind of like ‘Happy’ by Pharrell where you’re just like, yes! It just charges you up. I get chills even talking about it.”