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Every day feels like a dream in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This incredible location was the perfect backdrop for our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 photoshoots with Lindsey Vonn and Paige VanZant. From the breathtaking mountains to the crystal blue water, each view in Puerto Vallarta seems better than the last. 

During our trip, we were lucky enough to stay at Hotel Boutique Casa Velas, an adult-only all inclusive resort. This hotel truly is its own little paradise. You’ll find beautiful scenery around every corner, from tropical gardens to koi fish ponds. You can even catch a glimpse of the majestic peacocks that live in the property while relaxing in the swim-up pool. Whether you’re looking to spend the day at the spa or play a round of golf at the best course in the area, Casa Velas has something for everyone!

When you’re not in the private oasis that is Casa Velas, there is so much to explore within the city. A visit to the Los Arcos Amphitheater to enjoy a festive performance or a day spent parasailing in the village of Yelpa will make your trip even more unforgettable. If you make Puerto Vallarta your next vacation destination, you definitely won't be disappointed!

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Everything you need to know about Hotel Boutique Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta.


Where is Casa Velas?  

Our hotel issituated within the exclusive Marina Vallarta neighborhood bordered by the world-class Puerto Vallarta Marina.

How far is Casa Velas from the airport?  

Casa Velas is just five minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and 15 minutes from the historic city center and malecón boardwalk.

What is Casa Velas known for and why? 

Casa Velas is a secret oasis, quiet and unique in Puerto Vallarta.

What should one pack for a trip to Casa Velas?

Casa Velas is famous for its intimate and relaxing facilities, the best service for adults. 

Can I feed the turtles at Casa Velas? 

Yes, and we can provide turtle food. 

What do I do if I see a peacock at Casa Velas? 

See the unique show with the beautiful green and blue feathers.

What is included in my hotel rate at Casa Velas? What amenities are included?  

Your rate includes a $50 spa credit per adult per night, as well as 20% off in the resort's boutique, unlimited golf, one dinner at GVRN and access to the Velas Vallarta city and tequila tour.

What activities are provided through Casa Velas? 

Casa Velas provides wine tasting, cooking classes, dinner with the chef, tequila tasting, craft beer tasting and a painting class. 

Does Casa Velas work with any outside tour companies? 

The concierge can arrange all the local tours to our guest with all companies

Is there a signature dish at Casa Velas? 

We love our pescado sarandeado, a delicious local dish. 

What makes Casa Velas so special?

Casa Velas can be defined as a haven of relaxation created to delight your senses with haute cuisine, natural settings and exquisite design with sybaritic, artistic and cultural activities, as well as spa treatments that restore the luminosity that can result from connecting with oneself.