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How Camille Kostek Handles Body Criticism

The SI Swimsuit model combats hate with love.

Camille Kostek is the queen of radiating positivity. The 2019 SI Swimsuit cover model always has a smile, brings so much energy to her hosting gigs, and even started #NeverNotDancing to highlight her love of letting negativity go through dance. But that doesn't mean she doesn't face some criticism, especially concerning her body. How does she handle the haters? By sending them love.

“The haters sting,” Kostek says. “But I just remember that no one happy and successful will come for you. [The harsh words] are from a place of insecurity and hurt. So I try to give love back. I’ve even sent voice notes to haters saying, ‘I’m sorry you’re having a tough day’ or ‘I don’t know what I did today that set you off, but I wanna send you love because life is short.’”

She adds, “I’ll tell them, ‘Today is such a beautiful blessing and an opportunity to be here. And if we ever cross paths, remind me who you are because I want to hug you.’ Incredibly, they'll apologize a lot of the time."

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The incredible response to the negativity took time for Kostek to learn and came from a focus on loving herself.

“Self-love is a journey for a reason,” she says. “It’s an everyday thing. We wake up and go to sleep with ourselves every single day. We see ourselves in the mirror; we face ourselves. I must look in the mirror a lot and remind myself who I am. Everyone thinks their way and looks their way. That’s your power. And I only want to share love and light.”

The good news is Kostek says she feels a lot more love and support than negativity. “I have so much support in my life,” she says. “I tell people to push their fears aside and stop limiting themselves. I try to walk the walk, and now I get to do the things I’ve always dreamed of.”