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Kamie Crawford Preps for Her First SI Swimsuit Shoot

Here's how the 2022 rookie is getting ready for her closeup.
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When TV personality Kamie Crawford learned she would be appearing in the SI Swimsuit Issue for the first time, the former Miss Teen USA had no fear. She felt it was perfect timing. The body positivity advocate knew the magazine is all about celebrating different shapes and sizes and the 29-year-old has been on a personal fitness and wellness journey for over a year now. Of course, there was still some special prep involved to get ready for the shoot in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here Crawford shares what she is doing in terms of workouts, diet, beauty treatments, and more. Plus, she reveals the one thing that’s a must-have on set.

How are you prepping for your SI Swimsuit shoot?

“I’ve been living by the mantra, ‘Stay ready, so you never have to get ready,’ and it’s really helped me prepare for the most exciting shoot of my life. I train with my amazing coach Six three to four times a week, and I’ve been [mostly] Pescatarian for the past month. Then, of course, there’s also plenty of beauty prep—facials, nails, Olaplex treatments, lymphatic massage—all the things!”

Did you make any changes to your workout routine?

“I feel really blessed to be working with a team like SI that advocates for body inclusivity the same way that I do. So, there’s no real pressure to switch up my workout routine. I want to feel my best, so I certainly haven’t been slacking off during my workouts like I normally would. My workouts feel more intentional, so I complain a tiny bit less. Don’t fact check that with my trainer.”

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Have you made any changes to your diet?

“I’ve been eating mostly fish just so my meals feel a bit lighter on my stomach, and I had to cut coffee, which is very sad. I trust my trainer with my life, and he suggested green tea as an alternative for the energy boost and added benefits it has. But I plan on having a big fat, iced vanilla oat milk latte right after this shoot. Sorry, Six. A girl has gotta live!”

How are you mentally preparing for the shoot?

“Therapy has become a huge part of my life over the past year. My therapist and I meet once a week, and it is the time I carve out during my hectic schedule just to be. Fitness definitely helps get my stress out, but therapy keeps my mind at ease and my thoughts less foggy when things get crazy. Also, zoning out on TikTok for a few hours definitely helps.”

How are you balancing the prep with other work?

“It’s been tough. I won’t lie. Two weeks ago I shot two episodes of Catfish, which takes about three to five days depending on travel, plus did Super Bowl press for SI, recorded for my podcast, Relationshit, and prepped for upcoming social media collaborations and took meetings. It’s been hectic. But I keep reminding myself that I will make it through, and it will all be worth it. I’ll be running on pure adrenaline until the shoot wraps (and on green tea)!”

Is there something you have to bring on a shoot with you?

“Good music! I love music, and I love a good playlist. Afrobeats, 90’s R&B, pop, rap, country—my music taste is all over the place. I’ll definitely have my AirPods bumping or be connected to somebody’s Bluetooth during the trip.”

 SI Swimsuit and Kamie Crawford have been sharing live sneak peeks of her shoot on Instagram. Make sure you follow along. 

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