How The LIV Method Reset 26 Years of Bad Habits

Work hard, eat smart and everything else will fall into place.

I’ve tried every workout there is. SoulCycle, Orange Theory, Yoga, and I even fell victim to Chloe Ting’s YouTube series this summer. But I’ve always found myself frustrated and thus bored because of the lack of results. So, I set out on a journey to find something - or someone - that actually works. That's where I found The LIV Method.

The Morning Toast podcast referred to The LIV Method as a must-try, so obviously, my first stop was their Instagram to check it out. Scrolling their feed, one thing stood out to me - consistency. It wasn’t an endless scroll of models and influencers working out one time in exchange for a photo. These were real people and many of the same faces featured over and over. They were training like athletes, seeing results and coming back for more. Needless to say, I wanted in and within 24 hours I had set up my consultation and first session with founder and CEO Matt Sauerhoff for the following week.

The night before my first session I was overwhelmed with nervous energy and some intrusive self-analysis. Will they yell at me? Will they understand what I need? Will it really work? Am I even capable of this? I felt like I was going in for a job interview with zero qualifications.

Walking into the studio I was immediately stunned by the ambiance. It was like walking into the 1 Hotel South Beach for the very first time (if you know, you know.) It felt chic, like the most exclusive and luxurious gym I’ve ever been to. Yet it had an inviting and non-intimidating feel that I'm not used to at other gyms. As the kids say, the vibes we’re immaculate.

Sauerhoff sat me down to tell me about the process and to get to know me and my goals. Within the first 30 seconds of him speaking I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for.” He refers to it as his Tony Robbins moment and he was not wrong. I walked out of that room confident and ready to work, and boy did we.

The first session was tough, to say the least. Sauerhoff spent the hour getting to know my strengths and weaknesses, while I spent the hour sweating and regretting the three glasses of wine from the night before. I quickly learned that every other workout prior to this was child’s play. These sessions at The LIV Method were going to be tough which felt as terrifying as it did exciting. I walked out that day sore, drenched in sweat, but ready for more. All of those negative thoughts from the night before suddenly felt so silly.

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Working with The LIV Method goes far beyond just two hours a week of training. It’s about balance and putting in the effort both in and outside of the gym. I was asked to make a meal diary and was so confident they would be impressed with my choices, as I like to think of myself as a very healthy eater. In our next session, Sauerhoff told me that my problem is I need to eat more. I was shocked and confused. I’ve had 26 years of diet culture shoved down my throat telling me carbs are bad, count your calories, and never eat past 7 p.m. But now this expert is telling me my lack of results is due to not eating enough? I thought I must have heard him wrong. From there I sent over a picture of everything I ate. I had 24/7 access, answers, suggestions and much-needed encouragement at the tip of my fingers.

Fitness is not one size fits all and what works for your favorite influencer likely won’t work for you. You can work out as much as you want, but if you’re not working out correctly you can’t expect results. That’s the beauty of The LIV Method and something I wish I had figured out years ago. Pilates classes are great, but having someone dedicated to getting you where you and your body want to go is a game-changer. Sauerhoff and I are able to evaluate every step and make changes where they're needed.

In a little over a month I’ve gone from saying “Are we done yet?” to “Wait, that’s it?” The LIV Method has taught me the importance of fueling my body and I have begun to reverse the bad habits and negativity I associate with eating. I look forward to the Saturday morning texts from Sauerhoff telling me to get outside and go on a run. I discovered my new love for deadlifts - who knew?! But most importantly I am seeing results beyond the physical changes to my body. I feel energized, confident, strong and like the healthiest version of myself. Best part? This is just the beginning.

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Joanna Giunta