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How to Build a Well-Balanced Plate

Like anything in life, the secret to nourishing your body is focusing on balance. A balanced meal is one that meets all your nutritional needs in one sitting. With this formula, you’ll NEVER have to count calories or worry about being hungry an hour later. Here’s how to build a well-balanced plate, so you can take on each day with sustained energy to fuel your success.

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50% of Plate: Vegetables and Salad 

Let vegetables be the focus of your plate and allow other foods to accompany them. Vegetables are a nutrient-rich food source packed with vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fiber, phytonutrients and minerals. My Girl Hack: 25 grams of fiber a day not only keeps you full for hours and hours, but also aids in maintaining daily movements. Just because you are focusing on vegetables does not mean your plate has to be boring. Playing around with different spices or fresh herbs is the perfect way to flavor pack your veggies – we love adding garlic or garlic powder, basil, rosemary, ginger, cumin, or cayenne and curry powder for an added kick! 

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25% of Plate: Protein 

Daily protein intake is a must for powering our bodies, feeding our muscles, and fueling our cells. Just like fiber-rich vegetables, protein keeps our stomachs satisfied and feeling full longer. About half of the dietary protein we consume in a day goes into making enzymes that assist in food digestion. 

25% of Plate: Whole Grains and Healthy Carbs 

Let’s get this straight: carbs are not the enemy! In fact, they are essential to sustained energy. During digestion, carbohydrates break down into simple sugars and then transform into glucose, which is what we use as energy to fuel our bodies and activities. The trick with carbs is to choose wisely. Stay away from processed starchy carbs and focus on whole foods and whole grains full of nutrient-dense healthy sources of carbs. 

Once your plate is built, top it with your favorite sources of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil and/or coconut oil. 

As always, My Girl’s got your back. We’ve created a guide to help you get the most out of your meals. Choose your favorites and build a bowl that works for both you and your taste buds. Remember, eating healthy and in balance doesn’t have to be boring, there are so many resources out there with great recipes to get creative and mix it up.

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