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How to Have a Happy Period

My Girl Wellness debunks a major myth

Yes, there is such a thing as period pain. It’s probably one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of your menstrual cycle. As young girls, we are raised learning that bleeding for a week is miserable, painful and just a part of life that women have to deal with. Unfortunately, this reason has formed a negative stigma around periods altogether.

Yes, painful symptoms are common, but did you know they are actually not normal? We aren’t supposed to be doubled over in pain, feeling overly fatigued or sent on a monthly rollercoaster of emotions. Today we are shutting down this myth and shedding some light on natural remedies to prevent and ease menstrual symptoms.

We don’t need to be pumping hormones with awful side effects into our bodies to put a Band-Aid over our lady problems. And we’re certainly not telling all women that hormonal birth control is not for them, because we believe every woman should have her own choice when it comes to her body. But for those against it, there are so many natural ways to support having happy and healthy periods.

Foods to Eat

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Eat foods that are rich in magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Omega-3 to reduce inflammation, cramping, bloating and fatigue. Eat these:

○ Avocado

○ Bananas

○ Oranges

○ Watermelon

○ 70%+ Dark Chocolate

○ Ginger

○ Sunflower seeds

○ Salmon

○ Leafy greens

Foods to Avoid

Avoid foods high in sodium, carbonation, sugar and trans fat. These can elevate estrogen levels, spike blood sugar levels and increase bloating and inflammation. Avoid these:

○ Dairy products

○ Consuming too much caffeine

○ Consuming too much alcohol

○ Fried and processed foods

○ Legumes

○ Sugar

○ Carbonated drinks

Gentle Exercises

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As much as we’d like any excuse to become a horizontal couch potato during our periods, light exercise actually helps relieve and ease symptoms such as cramps, back pain and headaches. Low-intensity workouts to incorporate:

○ Yoga

○ Walking

○ Pilates

○ Stretching


How to have a happy period

Take these supplements to help with uncomfortable symptoms and support your cycle:

○ Magnesium: relaxes blood vessels, helps regulate serotonin and eases pain and cramping

○ Vitamin B6: aids in hormone balance and production

○ Omega-3: eases inflammation and bloating in the body

○ Flaxseed oil: eases menstrual cramps, infertility and endometriosis

○ Turmeric: reduces inflammation in the body

○ Calcium: boosts mood, lowers anxiety, fatigue and feelings of depression

○ Chasteberry: reduces breast pain and supports progesterone levels

Self-Care and Wellness

How to have a happy period

Add these self-care and wellness practices to have a happier period:

○ Meditation and breathing exercises: helps alleviate both mental and physical menstrual discomfort

○ Prioritize sleep: Sleeping in the fetal position takes the pressure off of the abdominal muscles which can relieve cramps allowing you to have a more restful sleep

○ Acupuncture: can help regulate periods, improve symptoms of PMS, and decrease painful cramps

○ Epsom salt bath: soothes muscle cramps or tension in the lower abdomen and uterus

There are many ways to help relieve negative period symptoms and not all of them have to be medically treated, scientifically proven or evidence-based. Periods are a natural thing and every woman deserves to have a happier period. Evaluate your patterns and use these remedies to help alleviate symptoms.

For more helpful information visit My Girl Wellness.