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How to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Make temporary feel like forever with these exclusive tricks.

Hotel rooms can often feel impersonal. If you’re someone who loves being in a routine, having to be away from home even in the most deluxe surroundings can leave you out of sorts regardless if it’s for work or play. As someone who has spent the last year on the road with SI Swimsuit, I’ve curated a short list of tricks to help you turn your hotel into a home away from home.

Trick #1: Curate Your Own Caffeine

Hotel room coffee leaves much to be desired. If you're someone who can’t get out of bed without caffeine dangled in front of you, I can’t recommend single-serve coffee bags enough. Chamberlain Coffee makes a variety of strengths and brews, and can be used to make either a hot cup or a cold brew if you let it steep overnight. If you’re anything like the SI Swimsuit team, you’ll source your own almond milk, too.

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Trick #2: Light Up Your Room...Responsibly

This one is for the overachievers. While it may not be practical to pack your candles from home, especially when trying to cram in a last pair of shoes without tipping the airport scale, a familiar scent can transport you to any location. Try taking advantage of a travel collection that has candles small enough to fit in your carry-on. Diptyque has a set with 14 scents—my favorite is Feuille De Lavande.

Trick #3: BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks)

There is nothing worse than landing late and finding that room service isn’t available to hustle up your go-to midnight snack. I suggest throwing a few of your favorite “deserted island” foods from home to hold you over until breakfast. I love the portable peanut butter and jelly packets from Split Nutrition and any flavor of RX Bars. Luckily, neither need to be refrigerated so you don't have to worry about them going bad on the way from your pantry to the hotel.

Trick #4: Stick With What You Know

Sometimes we all fall victim to the dreaded hotel shower shampoo. Confession: While trying to combat this problem, I threw my brand new Olaplex in my carry-on last minute on the way to our shoot in the Dominican Republic. The security guards at JFK didn’t take too kindly to this and threw them out on the spot. My heart and wallet were shattered. So, instead of hauling full size bottles with you, try using these Cadence leak-proof magnetic containers to bring along any and all products from home. There is nothing better than having your whole routine at your fingertips.