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Is There a No Hangover Wine?

Celebrities swear by one brand of vino with health benefits.

Let’s face it: drinking wine can be fun. Sipping on a couple of glasses with family or friends brings a sense of warmth to even the most casual occasions. The downside? Hangovers. No one likes enduring the morning-after headache, and for some, that comes after just one glass. But there is one wine brand celebrities like Halle Berry and Kristin Cavallari rave about for its no hangover qualities: Dry Farm Wines.

Most wines sold today are commercially made industrial products. As a result, they can be full of sugar, high in alcohol, and include 76 FDA-approved additives like thickeners and dyes. This combination can lead to those dreaded hangover symptoms. Dry Farm Wines set out to make a healthier wine that goes beyond other natural wines.

The Dry Farm Wines product comes from family farms, using heritage practices that respect nature. This is known as “Natural Wine” and less than 1% of the world’s wines are grown to this standard. Dry Farm Wines follows this process and is independently lab tested for purity, dry-farmed (no irrigation), fermented with wild native yeast, and free of industrial additives. The result is a sugar-free wine that has lower alcohol content (less than 12.5% alcohol by volume) and sulfites (less than 75 parts per million).

The result? A completely different drinking experience. In moderation, lower alcohol wines allow you to experience the pleasure of wine while reducing the negative effects of higher alcohol consumption.

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Of course, taste is important, too. Dry Farm Wines are vibrant and elegant since they are not sterilized or heavily filtered like wines on store shelves. In fact, these wines taste very different from commercial wines. They are brighter, easier to drink, and driven by terroir instead of artificial heaviness or too much oak.

“Discovering that I could lab-test natural wine for alcohol and sugar content has had a profound impact on my health and wellness,” says Dry Wine Farms founder Todd White. “You can truly taste and feel the difference in these wines; you won’t find a wine like this anywhere else.”

Not only has the brand tackled the wine market, but they’ve also decided to take their health-focused process to olive oil. Their new olive oil line, XVOO, just recently launched to make quality olive oils more accessible for the health-conscious consumer.

Incredibly, over 75% of imported oils don’t qualify as extra virgin. Furthermore, even those marked “extra virgin” oil in stores can be diluted or fake. Dry Farm Wines returns to the golden standard of olive oil by sourcing and selling 100% pure extra virgin olive oils that are certified organic and grown in small batches by family farms.

Buyers can purchase XVOO on the Dry Farm Wines website.