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One of the perks of being a SI Swimsuit model is that you get to travel across the globe for work. For instance, the 2020 issue cover shoot featuring Kate Bock, Jasmine Sanders and Olivia Culpo took place in Bali, Indonesia in November 2019. Shortly after, the world was put on lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, placing exotic travel on hold. And models, just like everyone else, had to make staying at home feel like an exotic getaway occasionally. Here's how to have a staycation like a SI Swimsuit model.

Drink Wine Like Nina Agdal


Just because you're socially distancing doesn't mean you can't participate in some typically social behavior. That's what Nina Agdal did over the summer by enjoying a low-key happy hour with a glass of wine in hand. The best part? No dressing up is required.

Take a Long Bath Like Chrissy Teigen

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Doesn't taking a bath seem like such an indulgence? Well, with so much extra time at home, it's the perfect activity to get a sense of a getaway. Chrissy Teigen enjoyed a long soak in her tub and even enlisted her daughter to do a mini scalp massage.

Have a Backyard Picnic Like Olivia Culpo 


Many COVID-19 restrictions limit dining options. But Olivia Culpo still enjoyed a gourmet feast in the comfort of her backyard. Grab some cheese, crackers, wine and a blanket and have yourself an at-home picnic.

Stage a Photoshoot Like Gigi Hadid


One of the best parts about vacation is taking those #FOMO-inducing photos from stunning destinations. Unfortunately, those travel pics simply aren't possible. Instead, take a cue from Gigi Hadid (and her sister, Bella) and create a magazine-worthy photoshoot at home. Grab your best duds, find a dynamic background, and have a member of your pod snap some photos.

Create an At-Home Spa Like Ashley Graham

With the pandemic's negative effects, it's more important than ever to indulge in a little self-care. But, sadly, heading to the spa is out of the question. So, Ashley Graham transformed her shower into a mini palace of pampering. She used True Botanicals Pure Radiance Sugar Scrub all over her body to get spa-worthy hydrated and glowy skin.

Go on a Hike Like Kate Upton


Dreaming of a secluded getaway surrounded by nature? Make it (sort of) happen like Kate Upton, who laced up her sneakers to hit some trails in the mountains. You'll feel a world away from the everyday pandemic stress.

Do a Face Mask Like Brooklyn Decker

Although Brooklyn Decker might have scared her son with this at-home beauty treatment, trying a face mask is another way to get a taste of that spa experience. She swears by the celeb-favorite one Hanacure that you paint on, let dry, and then wash off, revealing more youthful-looking skin.