How Hunter McGrady Responds to Haters: ‘I’ll Call Your Mom’

The SI Swimsuit model is not afraid to hold back.

Hunter McGrady at SI Swimsuit launch event in NYC.

Hunter McGrady at SI Swimsuit launch event in NYC.

SI Swimsuit is always about celebrating women at all stages of life. But this year’s new issue seems to highlight mothers in particular. Katrina Scott was the first visibly pregnant woman to appear in the magazine, and Kelly Hughes showed off her C-section scar on the pages. Hunter McGrady returned to the franchise this year six months postpartum, which caused a bit of a stir.

While there was mostly positivity surrounding the beautiful images, there were also some haters. And that's something McGrady wasn't going to stand for.

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“There’s always going be haters,” McGrady said at the SI Swimsuit launch event in New York City on May 19. “This is my fifth year in the magazine this year, and I was six months postpartum. I felt really beautiful and appreciative of everything my body has been through. And forget the haters; I’ll call their moms. That’s what I’m going to do. I’ve started Googling their names and then just literally screenshot them to their employers. So don’t be mean when Google exists!”

Hunter McGrady at SI Swimsuit launch event in NYC.

Hunter McGrady at SI Swimsuit launch event in NYC.

In addition to outing the haters, the new mom feels it is important to keep it real on social media about the struggles of motherhood.

“I always want to keep it 100% on my Instagram because I feel like so much is contrived on Instagram these days,” she says. “You never know what’s real. So I always want to be open about what motherhood really is. I have always seen people talk about motherhood, and I thought it was like rainbows and butterflies. But then you realize, oh wait, there are moments where it’s really not.”

As far as how she maintains confidence in her new skin, McGrady says it’s about taking a step back and realizing what your body is capable of. "”It’s just truly honing in and really looking at what you’ve just done,” says McGrady, whose son, Hudson, was born last June. “We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We literally just created life and then gave birth to it and sustained it for some of us. I did that with my body! We’re truly superheroes.”

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