Hunter McGrady Revealed Her Favorite Daily Makeup and We Need It All

Take a behind the scenes look at the SI Swimsuit’s beauty routine.

Hunter McGrady never ceases to amaze, inspire and enlighten. On set in Belize, the SI Swimsuit veteran gave us a special behind-the-scenes look into her morning makeup routine. Watch the video above and read on to uncover even more of her beauty secrets.

For McGrady, makeup is all about trusting the process. Even when things don’t look precisely right on Step 2 doesn’t mean they won’t work themselves out by the end.

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“First things first, we’re using a radiance booster. We’re out in Belize. We want to look glowy and gorgeous. We’re going to also go in with a little Dior face and body. It’s going to look really white, but you’ll see it really brightens. It brightens everything around. It’s always a trust-the-process [situation] with makeup, especially if you’ve been doing it for a long time,” she says.


Next, McGrady pivots to a bronzer. “I’m going to go with Saie. This is the light bronze Sunbelt. This is amazing. When I’m going in just for a little contour, bronze me up a little bit.” The SI Swimsuit model continues by adding a lip and cheek tint by Chanel. “This is the color Lively Rosewood—you just put that on the apples of your cheeks.”

Setting Powder

Now it’s time to set the makeup. McGrady uses Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, which makes everything stay together nicely. 

Eyes & Brows

Next, eyeshadow. She takes two eye palettes—the Charlotte Tilbury instant eye palette and the Makeup by Mario Palette—and blends them, then opts for the Charlotte Tilbury eye color magic duo Green Light eyeliner and a Makeup by Mario brow pencil. But her favorite step is curling her eyelashes. “If I was deserted on an island, I would bring an eyelash curler,” she says. “I’m going to do a lash just because we’re doing an interview today and a lash always makes the eyes pop. I’m just using the Ardell individual lashes.” While she lets the lashes dry, she uses highlighter.


“This is the best highlighter ever from Laura Mercier, it’s called Highlight 01. It’s not super crazy. It just kind of brightens the face a little bit and gives you a little bit of a glow. Put it on all the spots that the sun would hit.”


On her lips, McGrady starts off with a Makeup by Mario lip pencil in the color Hue and then moves to Bobbi Brown’s crushed lip color and color blush

Finishing Touches

She then returns to her eyes, applying a mascara by Selena Gomez’s line, Rare Beauty. “Last we’re gonna do a quick little spray with the POREfessional pore-setter spray and then we’ll take the hair down and just see what we're working with. Wahlah!” This extra special makeup tutorial is proof of McGrady’s star power..

Evan Nachimson


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