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The Diffuser is Back and Straight-Haired Girls Should Listen Up

Jen Atkin’s tricks will give you the waves of your dreams.

You know that spaceship-looking attachment that came with your hair dryer? Well, it's a diffuser, and I dug mine out because stylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin posted a convincingly easy tutorial using one. Here’s the thing: When you have straight or quasi-straight hair, blow drying it will likely leave it flat and without any movement. But sometimes you just need your freakin’ hair to be dry!

This is when the diffuser becomes your savior. A diffuser allows you to style and dry your hair in one step. It’s a great alternative to a round brush with direct heat or a curling iron - both of which take longer and cause more damage. I’ve tested out the diffuser a few times now, and each time achieved textured, soft waves with lots of volume.

You can get started sans product or use a few to amp up your results. Mousse or volume spray at your roots will give you a serious boost. My favorite everyday product is Ouai Wave spray. Try spritzing this throughout your hair and comb through before using the diffuser for more pronounced waves and texture. 

Check out Jen Atkin’s hair tutorial using a diffuser, and give it a try yourself.

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