Skincare Guru Jenna Owen’s Three Steps to Fit Skin

Try this new (and easier) workout routine.

This month SI Swimsuit will bring you tips, tricks and must-haves from leading experts and influencers in the beauty and fashion industry. Today Jenna Owens, the genius behind cult brand FITISH, a CBD-infused skincare line, is sharing her expert tips on how to up your skin game.

All parts of your body crave movement, and that includes your skin. From putting in the physical work to using active ingredients, your skin, like the rest of your body, can be kept "fit.” Now, don't get those pre-pilates jitters -- we know it sounds scary but it’s easy.


Lymphatic Massages

Did you know that excess lymphatic fluid in your face can cause puffiness and a dull complexion? However, a 15-minute massage that you can perform yourself promotes lymphatic drainage. Those interested in stimulating their facial lymph at home can use their hands or choose from thousands of tools like crystal rollers, sculpting bars and gua sha stones.

Physical Scrubs

Body scrubs are perhaps peak self-care. Removing layers of dry, cracked skin not only makes your surface softer but also more accepting of the moisturizing benefits from the products you add on top. For example, Frank body formulates its scrubs with caffeinated ingredients like coffee and charcoal.

Active Ingredients

In the realm of beauty, keeping fit can include everything from microneedling to something a subiquitous as acids. Despite sounding harsh, chemical exfoliants like hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) can be a part of everyone's regular skin-care regimen. The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution has become a cult favorite. It uses AHA to chemically exfoliate skin for a brighter and even-toned appearance, while the BHA exfoliates the skin to help clear pore congestion.

Retinoids, another form of an active ingredient, reduces the appearance of fine lines by promoting collagen production. They can also fade age spots and softening rough patches of skin. While they are typically derived from Vitamin A with a mammalian origin, plant-based retin-alternatives are on the rise. Fitish has two products that contain Bidens pilosa, an extract that acts to achieve the same benefits.

Night Game CBD + Retin Alt Cream is a duo of serum and night cream to work your skin while you sleep. Roll Model is their Retin Alt + CBD Eye Serum, aptly named after its rollerball-trio applicator. CBD and aloe hydrate while Bidens pilosa fills in the creases.



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