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Josephine Skriver Embraces the Importance of Failing

There’s no success like failure.

Josephine Skriver wants you to consider failing more— gracefully, openly and proudly. As part of the 2022 SI Swimsuit launch event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla, the model spoke in front of a live audience about the successes in failing up.

“I think failure is an important lesson. And I think we all should fail at a lot of things because if we don't fail, we don’t know what success is,” Skriver said as part of a panel sponsored by Maybelline Brave Together.

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Skriver, whose JOJA brand has been making waves within the activewear world, clearly has found a way to turn any of her failures into the perfect breeding ground for success. “So go out there and keep—that sounds depressing to say—failing at things because it gets less and less scary,” she added. “And the more you fail at things, the more it’s like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t so bad.’”

The earned wisdom of failure is long-lasting while the high of success is often short-lived. Recalling times she has failed, Skriver explained, “I still woke up the next day and I [had] another dream or I [decided next time I would] do it differently.” Skriver’s failures have strengthened her resilience and given depth to her hard-fought wins.