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Kamie Crawford Knows Being a Woman Is Everything, Imperfections and All

The SI Swimsuit 2022 Rookie says she's, "always doing it for the girls..and the theys and the gays."

For Kamie Crawford, the body part that made her the most self-conscious is now her most beloved attribute. “Everybody has that thing—mine were my stretch marks on my kneecaps,” the SI Swimsuit rookie says. “I wanted them to be removed more than anything. I used to literally imagine them being gone and being like, ‘This will make me so much happier.’ Now I have them on my boobs, on my butt, on my hips, everywhere. Don’t even notice them.”

These “speckled beauty marks everywhere” (as she calls them) don’t bother her anymore. Nowadays, she likes to focus on her smile. Despite an orthodontist from her old pageant days telling her “it wasn’t great,” the 2010 Miss Teen USA knows otherwise. “Maybe she's a little off the tracks, whatever, but I feel like my smile is great because it lights up the room,” says Crawford. “It just makes me happy sometimes, even when I’m crying, if I just smile in the mirror, I’m like, ‘O.K., we can pull it together.’”

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Crawford’s mother, Carla, always tells her she has a million dollar smile. That support has been constant for the Cleveland native.. “If you think about the people in your life who have shaped you and held you when you needed to be held and supported you and rooted for you, it's usually a woman,” the 29-year-old says. “And I have so many amazing women in my life who have done that for me, no matter where I am in life. Being a woman is everything. It is literally the genesis of life. Not only can a lot of us be blessed enough to create life, but we can also speak life into each other and other people."

“There's just something about a woman's heart that is so pure and beautiful and amazing and healing. We can say whatever we want about beauty and bodies, but it really is the heart. Women really do change the world and there's something to that.”