Kamie Crawford’s Guide To Her Classic Golden Bronzed Makeup Look

The SI Swimsuit rookie breaks down her beauty routine step by step.

Kamie Crawford is used to being in front of a camera. As the co-host of MTV’s Catfish, the SI Swimsuit rookie has had a ton of experience working with makeup artists. Over the years she’s picked up a few tricks and tips and is sharing them in this behind-the-scenes video before her shoot in St. Croix.

“I’m an island child. My mom’s entire side of the family is from Jamaica. So when it comes to my island makeup routine, it’s a little bit different because it’s hot. You don’t want to do too much. Normally, I’m like contour down. When I’m in the islands. I like to keep it a little bit more fresh, a little bit more light.”

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Crawford begins with Too Faced Hangover RX Primer and then adds another layer of concealer on top using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer with the Real Techniques beauty sponge from Ulta. She applies the liquid concealer around her eyes, nose and forehead before blending it all together with the sponge. “I learned how to do my makeup [from] YouTube tutorials,” Crawford says. “I basically just watched YouTube videos all day and learned how to do my makeup and loved it. I had more products than a makeup artist and I wasn’t going anywhere. It just kind of stuck, but I’ve very much evolved my makeup routine. Thank God because—no shade—but the Nicki Minaj pink lipstick that I was wearing back in 2011, it was not serving me well.”

She moves to Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation (“I'm just doing two little baby pumps, because like I said, nothing too heavy”), blending with a brush.

Highlight and Contour

Next she uses Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer in tan as a highlighting effect. “I learned this one from the TikTok kids,” she says. “They said, Don’t be doing doll triangle no more. Like that’s not cool anymore.” She applies it on her forehead, the bridge of her nose and then blends it out into the hairline. “Normally [I use the] Bobbi Brown foundation stick as contour all over my face, but because we’re going light today, I’m just going to do my nose with this, and then going with a powder contour to do the rest because hot, hot, hot, powder, powder, powder, better, better, better.” Crawford uses Maybelline's City Bronzer for her powder contour. “I don’t believe that you have to spend a million dollars on every single product that you use,” she adds.


For blush, Crawford uses 001 Pavement by Dior. “TikTok kids also said to stop applying blush to the apples of your cheeks because apparently it makes you look old and brings everything down. I’m 29. This is my last year in my 20s. I want to bring everything up. So I’m applying it almost where I put my contour, just like at the top of my cheekbones.” She then adds a light eyeshadow, using the Warm Neutrals Palette from Sigma. “So I’m going to set my entire face with this,” she says, applying Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.


“Now we are going to do the brows,” Crawford explains, using Anastasia Beverly HIlls Brow Wiz. “I like big, tall, fluffy brows. The higher, the better.” She fills the brows in with Kelley Baker Brow Gel. “I brush those up so that when they set, they set up.”

Setting and More Hilight

Setting the whole face again she uses MAC's Prep & Prime Fix + Makeup Setting Spray and then adds Maybelline’s Master Chrome Highlighter. “This is my favorite highlighter. This is like the only highlighter that I really use. I take two brushes. I have my fan brush and this little guy, and I like to take this one, put a little in the corner of my eye, slipped here a little there. I got this tip from my favorite drag queen.”


For her final steps, she turns to MAC's Lip Penil in Cork and MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick. “Lastly, the gloss. Maybelline, the lifter gloss, and this is the color stone,” she says, making her finishing touches.

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