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Introducing SI Swimsuit Model Katrina Scott’s New Female Empowerment Workout Plan

It's all about taking time for yourself.

Katrina Scott has always been about supporting and encouraging women with her Tone It Up fitness platform. But after becoming a mom and then struggling with infertility, the SI Swimsuit rookie wanted to create a program for busy women and moms who rarely have the opportunity to put themselves and their goals first. Enter 6:40.

The six-week program is rooted in female empowerment, encouraging others to take time for themselves and crush their workout before 6:40 a.m. The number also stands for six workouts per week with 40-minute routines. Fellow SI Swimsuit model Emily DiDonato is already a fan! Here Scott shares what she hopes women will get out of the program and how to become a morning person (even when you're not).

What inspired you to create 6:40?

"Tone It Up 6:40 was inspired by a lot of personal growth and change that I went through over the last few years. I've always prided myself on staying the same, but as the world around me was evolving and changing, I was staying small. As women, we tend to do that; we think we just have to stay put, and when anyone needs us, they know where to find us. I wanted to be dependable, when in fact, I wasn't growing as an individual. As soon as I became a mother, I realized that we have to take care of ourselves before nurturing everything else. We're allowed to set goals and try new things. We need to permit ourselves to step into a new light. We deserve to pursue new dreams and become a better version of ourselves. We can evolve while still being us. That's when 6:40 was created. At 6:40 in the morning, I decided to create a six6-week program to dedicate 40 minutes to ourselves, our goals and our evolution. The program includes strength training, yoga sculpt, yoga and cardio centered around the evolution of fitness for women."

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How is it different from what you've created in the past?

"6:40 is next level Tone It Up! The program includes strength training, heavier weights (which women tend to shy away from), advanced yoga sculpt and cardio. It also includes a new app feature where some workouts are move-based. You are shown the exercise move, and you complete it with a timer. This gives women the option to do the program in the gym as we slowly return to studios and our favorite fitness spots in town."

Were you always a morning person, or did you become one? Any tips on how to be one?

"I used to be a total night owl. I would exercise right before dinner and work on my laptop late into the night. But now, as a mom and a busy business owner, I know that the only time I have for myself is before the house wakes up and before the emails pour in. Six a.m. is that sweet spot. And by 6:40 a.m. I can take on the day. It takes a few weeks to form the habit of waking up early, but it's worth it, and you start craving it. I recommend heading to bed 45 minutes before you normally do so that you can wake up in the morning. Make sure you stay off social media 1-2 hours before bedtime and avoid opening your emails or phone in bed (I'm working on this, too). A few more tips are to limit your caffeine intake, set out your workout clothes at night, and journal your intentions for the morning. Journaling is so powerful!"


What do you hope women get out of 6:40?

"I hope she feels like she can do anything she sets her heart to. I want her to feel unstoppable and so worthy -- because she is. The results are incredible. She'll feel strong, confident and energized. This is actually the program that I did to prepare for my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot."