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Lorena Duran's Best Looks

From cozy pajamas and glam dresses to workout gear and bikinis, Lorena Duran makes it ALL look good.

Lorena Duran might be an SI Swimsuit rookie, but she's a bona fide fashion maven. The Spanish model, who has shot for brands such as Victoria's Secret, Intimissimi Official and Abercrombie & Fitch, regularly posts stylish photos on her Instagram account, proving that she knows how to rock everything from a casual outfit and pajamas to full glam and business attire. Here are some of her best looks.

Sleek in Undies

Duran proves that even a comfortable underwear set can be model-worthy. The model shared a behind-the-scenes snap donning high-waisted underwear and a sports bra in white.

Cozy Pajamas


Yes, silky black button-up pajamas with white piping are worthy of a photo shoot at the beach. The curvy star shared a pic from La Paz, Mexico, wearing the cozy nightwear.

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Sporty Ski Gear


If there's one thing we know about Duran from her social media accounts, it's that she loves hitting the slopes. And, of course, she does it in style. On a recent trip to Sierra Nevada, the model posed in a neon yellow ski jacket and pants from Rio Sports while riding in a gondola.

Workout Outfit

Even when getting sweaty, Duran manages to look flawless. The brunette rocked black leggings and crop top from LAPP with high-top Nikes while on a hike this past summer. 

Glam Gown

Bold is beautiful. Duran proved that to be true for a recent Vogue Spain photo shoot where she donned an emerald green gown complete with ruffles and a plunging neckline.

Business Attire

Duran showed off her power pose in an all-white ensemble from Nadine Merabi. The suit jacket and high-waisted bell-bottoms with a white tank are all the makings for the ultimate office attire.

Bathing Suit


Of course, the 2020 SI Swimsuit model knows how to make a bathing suit look good. She showed off a sleek leopard print and black bikini while lounging by the pool last winter.